New Poll: Republican voters bailing on Jeb in Florida, moving to Marco

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Legal Insurrection:

Will donors bail on Jeb?

There are two big stories in a Florida Atlantic University poll of Republican voters to be released tomorrow.

The Orlando Sun-Sentinel reports, Poll: Marco Rubio pulls ahead of Jeb Bush in Florida; Hillary Clinton in trouble:

Marco Rubio has overtaken Jeb Bush among Florida Republicans, as he benefits from positive reviews of his performance in the most recent presidential debate.

A Florida Atlantic University poll to be released Wednesday shows Rubio, the state’s junior senator, is in second place in the Republican primary field in Florida. His political mentor, former Gov. Jeb Bush, is in third place.

Donald Trump, the real estate investor, former reality TV show host and part-time Palm Beach resident, is in first place among Florida Republicans, as he is nationally….

On the Republican side, Trump had 31.5 percent of the Republican primary vote. Rubio was second with 19.2 percent and Bush was third with 11.3 percent.

Ben Carson came in at 10.3% and Carly Fiorina at 8.3%

There’s some bad news for Democrats in the poll also.

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  1. The Sun-Sentinel “represents” SouthEast Florida (MyJammy), not necessarily the rest of the State, not to mention REALITY.

    It’s sort of like The Washington Post relfecting its beltway readership.

  2. Usually people just say ‘Boca’.
    It’s odd hearing the Raton part.
    By the way they only ask stupid unemployed people.

  3. in a real election bush would never have thrown his hat in the ring.
    he had no voter support from the get go.
    big time contributer’s to campaigns would know this and not contribute to his campaign.
    his and hillary’s campaigns are the stuff of legends in the world of corruption are made of.
    just what are their contributors contributing for ?

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