New Report Shows Unprecedented Growth of Hispanics in U.S.

DML: According to a new report from the Pew Research Center, Hispanics accounted for more than half – a whopping 54 percent – of total population growth in the U.S. from 2000 to 2014.

The Hispanic population in the United States reached 57 million in 2015, up from 55.4 million in 2014.

The Pew report said Hispanics now make up about 17 percent of the entire population in the U.S., a factor that is certain to change the electoral, political and social demographics of the country.

Geographically, Hispanics have begun to disperse across the U.S., but the highest populations are still in the south and along the coasts.

The Pew report states that due to rapid population growth and geographic dispersion, a number of changes have occurred in the nation.   By 2012, in 17 states, the kindergarten student population was at least 20% Hispanic.  MORE

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  1. As a person who works serving the public in the country’s only majority-Hispanic county, I’m going to be a wascally wacist and tell you that this is NOT a positive development.

    The increase is due more to illegal immigration than to any other factor. I am just not impressed with the illegals I see on my job. These are people who cannot contribute to our society or our economy–entirely unskilled and undereducated. They are very high-maintenance clients, requiring interpreters and not understanding the simplest instructions I give them. Their written Spanish is so poor that sometimes the interpreters cannot read what they’ve written on their screening sheets. I ask them the simplest questions which they cannot answer (“Where was your child born?” “Here.” “Where is here?” “America.” ” Where in America?” “New York.” “New York City or New York State?” “City.” “What COUNTY in New York City?” “Donde es county?……”). Then the management of my court wonders why some days I can only crank out seven petitions a day.

    FWIW most of the illegals in my jurisdiction are Mexicans and Dominicans.

  2. Latin America is using us as a dumping ground for welfare cases and illiterate slaves for the wealthy. Slaves the taxpayers subsidize with welfare and food stamps.

    In the mid 19th century democrats lost their right to own slaves. In the mid 20th century LBJ showed them how to not only own slaves, but how to buy them with other people’s money.

    Now in the early 21st century the globalists show the democrats who they can own slaves, have others pay for them, and have them self import themselves!

  3. greetings states, “As a person who works serving the public in the country’s only majority-Hispanic county…”

    Actually a fast look here in Texas shows there are numerous counties with over 50% latino population, like the one I’m in.

    And while 1st generation illegals are criminals, shouldn’t be here, are not paying in taxes anyway close to the services, welfare, medical care and various other bennys they are receiving, all of us are just going to have to choke it down that they’re here and are probably not going to go back.

    The very first thing Trump must do is stop anymore of these illegals from coming in. Immediately. Probably a good idea to stop all immigration for many years but GD it, stop the fucking illegals.

    OK so we’ve got around 30 million here. I live in a small town thats about 70%+ latinos here in Texas. Guess what? They’re fine with me and I’m fine with them as neighbors. I detect no animosity at all. And the second and third generation kids and adults are throughly American. My gal and I felt foolish this 4th as our home had no decorations and most of my neighbors were proudly displaying flags and other cool red, white & blue stuff.

    Crime is minimal-no graffiti(always a bad sign) and it’s quiet. Now big cities are another story and they definitely bring out the worst in folks. Can’t help that.

    But I say, stop the invasion and second, and equally important is end the death reign of the NEA. Trump is hammering this. Make it your mantra-school choice school choice. Get the children into schools away from the poison that is ladled into their heads by the teacher’s unions and we can stop the destruction of our values and traditions. If the latinos here, even sending their kids to public schools(well it is Texas) can successfully assimilate, then it’s a doable.

    Now the “syrian refugees”? They gotta fucking go. Period. Illegals are a lot of things but they’re not moslims. Islam is incompatible with this country. It’s insanity on steroids importing 100s of 1,000s of moslims. They will NEVER NEVER assimilate.

  4. You know what REALLY freaks out Spanish speaking people? A 55 year old blue eyed white woman who is FLUENT in Spanish! I have heard some smack talk for many years. They ALWAYS have a look of shock on the faces!!! I get em every time!

  5. White and black Americans better stop aborting their children. Very sure Hispanics are having more children than the average American family. Black people are still shamefully clueless, but most white families know the deal. America get busy before it’s too late!

  6. @MM:

    I’m going by the 2010 Census results; am willing to concede that things have changed in six years.

    I was especially horrified by the Mexicans in my jurisdiction. My old neighborhood had a small Mexican enclave and let me tell you, these people were real go-getters. Every adult in the house worked for a living–the men in construction, landscaping, or food service, the women as chambermaids in the big Manhattan hotels or as cleaning ladies in private homes. Learning English was a priority. Their children won scholarships to the best private schools in Brooklyn. The bought old homes and renovated them. They started businesses. I used a Mexican car service. I’d call for a cab and in the time it took me to put on my coat, lock my apartment door behind me, and go down five flights of stairs, the car would be waiting in front of the building.

    The Mexicans I’m seeing now, not so much.

  7. MM: ” I live in a small town thats about 70%+ latinos here in Texas. Guess what? They’re fine with me and I’m fine with them as neighbors. I detect no animosity at all. ”
    You could say the same about homos 10 years ago, muslims 15 years ago and black lives matter 1 year ago!

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