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New Year’s Eve in France

In France, a gendarmerie barracks was attacked, a children’s home burned down, a retired couple and several families saved from the flames… In fact, 690 vehicles were burned and 490 arrests made, but according to a press release from the Ministry of the Interior, “no notable incident” was recorded on the first night of the year.

The night of Saturday 31 December to Sunday 1 January was marked by urban violence in several housing estates in Nantes. Cars were set on fire, at least twenty according to our information, and mobile police cars were the target of Molotov cocktails and fireworks in the Malakoff district, reported Ouest-France.

In Séchilienne, the gendarmes saved a retired couple from the flames. A car fire had spread to another vehicle and then to houses in the early hours of Sunday morning. The gendarmes entered the house as the entrance was on fire. A criminal investigation was opened.

It was a heroic act since the entrance was already in flames, but they extracted the elderly couple. A tragedy was narrowly avoided thanks to the courage of the soldiers extracting the bedridden husband. MORE

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