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New York Bans Plastic Bags, Threatens $500 Fines

But not for certain people…

Breitbart: New York will ban single-use plastic bags in stores starting March 1.

The state’s ban, which was passed last year by the state legislature, will impact both grocery and department stores. New York is the third state to introduce a plastic bag ban, joining California and Oregon, as a way to curb the amount of plastic going to landfills.

Instead of receiving a plastic bag at the checkout counter, customers will have to provide their own reusable bags or take a paper bag from the store with a five-cent tax. Customers using food stamps will be exempt from the bag tax. read more

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  1. Will Cuomo have special police to enforce this law?? Can I bring my own plastic reusable bag I saved from last year??

  2. I would just as soon leave the old bag at home.
    She’s tired from doing eight loads of laundry yesterday.

  3. “ban single-use plastic bags”

    most people I know reuse them

    it’s called American ingenuity

    studies show the amount of waste from these bags in land fills is insignificant

    it wouldn’t have anything to do with ny state being 6.5 billion in the whole would it?

    talk about nickel diming you to death

    now what are the homeless going to poop in?
    ny city is going to look a lot like san francisco

  4. This is nothing more than a pay-off to someone who stands to gain YUUUGE amounts of money from the pain businesses who use these bags are going to suffer.

    If you read the linked article it goes on to tell you that MANY exemptions are custom-built into this “law” that gives foodstampers a pass as well as bags for food takeout, prescription drugs, garment bags, newspapers, and bags for nonpackaged meat and fish will still be plastic.

    So all that nasty plastic (which when forced upon us was called the savior of the environment) are now so toxic that they are poisoning us because they do not “bio-degrade” the way they were promised to when they were given the nationwide takeover?

    Seems like it is just one scam after another so people behind the curtains can make scads of money off the backs of the stupid sheeple who buy into every single “save the planet” meme that comes along.

  5. But….but….but……what am I going to clean my cat litter box onto? And pick up my dog’s poop with? That’s not single use.

  6. It has nothing to do with bags. It is all about submission to government interference in every aspect of your life,

  7. Like my wife said,” Great now the people walking their dogs will leave their shit on the front grasses.”

    They passing the same up here.

  8. NYC choked a guy to death over selling “onesies” – what they gonna do with a bagger? Firing squad? Torture? Dismemberment? Water Boarding?

    Fukkin Nazis … oh … Cuomo’s Italian … guess that makes him a Fascist …

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. The implementation of the ban has been delayed because they don’t know exactly how it’s going to work.

  10. The grocery store I shop at voluntarily, in a fit of ‘virtue signalling.’ stopped using plastic bags (but you can by a paper one for ten cents at checkout); fortunately I have saved enough of those plastic bags over the years of shopping there to last past my death…the checkers think it’s hilarious when I plop my already-bin-used bags on the conveyor. My used plastic bags are far more sanitary than those stupid reusable bags (that most folks never wash). Just think, your groceries are sitting on the same conveyor as that old biddy’s cat-piss soaked reusable bags!

    Bon Appetit!

  11. I use the plastic grocery bags to empty the cats’ litter boxes. To be even more enviro-friendly, I dump those into the plastic bag collection box for reuse.


  12. …while they buy overly-packaged processed foodstuffs swathed in plastics…

    (I would happily pay for paper bags.)

  13. @Blue Toof March 2, 2020 at 2:07 am

    > I would just as soon leave the old bag at home.
    > .
    > .
    > She’s tired from doing eight loads of laundry yesterday.


    She should be exhausted from Being A Survivor™ of critiquing your evil patriarchal performance of doing eight loads of laundry.

  14. my woman just went to the grocery store
    she had purchased her own bags just like the ones they used to use at the store and made them put her groceries in them

    American Ingenuity


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