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New York City’s Reduced Crime Rates? Don’t Be Fooled

American Thinker

[…] It is almost impossible to walk through the streets of even the best parts of Manhattan and not to smell marijuana and other non-tobacco smoked substances, see homeless people lying on the streets, and be accosted by panhandlers and vagrants.  This morning, as I took the subway to Midtown Manhattan for an appointment, I had to exit the station through a different turnstile, as a large yellow puddle (which was not lemonade!) covered the floor of the main turnstile exit.  Several feet away, along all of the subway station’s walls, lay sleeping homeless people in squalor on filthy old blankets.  It was not only heartbreaking, but also unhealthy and unacceptable.  After ascending the stairs and starting to walk down 49th Street, I had to dodge a drugged panhandler, as more homeless people lay at the edge of the sidewalk.  This all occurred within about three minutes.  And it occurs all the time for the millions of New York City’s residents.  read more

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  1. It’s not just New York. It’s nearly every moderate to large-size city in the US. The liberal mindset has taken hold. Police will look the other way when crimes of tresspass, public defecation, vandalism, assault, theft take place. The homeless are untouchable. Politicians who try to attack the problem are quickly dispatched. All part of the plan to turn us into a third-world nation.

  2. @Tony R May 16, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    > The liberal mindset has taken hold.

    Succinctly, this.

    Hobos sleeping on your porch? Strangers urinating in your shower? You not preening your own appearance to your standards? Of course not!

    Other people not fluffing your mental issues when you choose to leave your home? How dare they!?

    As it used to be said: “When in Rome, hire somebody to hire somebody to kill the wops that don’t behave the way you’d want them to behave in your home. Just be sure the contract says that they all get paid from what they loot off the wops.”

  3. ‘Criminal’ and ‘illegal’ have been banned. A simple way of reducing crime; there isn’t any. Black is white, blue is orange, etc., etc., etc. don’t you read or listen to the indoctrinating propaganda/fictional news?

    FAKE news has been replaced by FICTIONAL news. Pure and simple propaganda; it is what MSM and left SAY it is!

  4. I forgot to add, the White House has no leaker! The MSM makes up whatever it wants to say about anything President Trump may do or say. PURE AIN FICTION. This is beyond the Witch Hunt stage. It is the MSM Inquisition.

  5. It’s out here in fly-over ville too!

    I live near a north south interstate and an east-west interstate. It seems as if every exit has it’s own panhandler and/or panhandler family shaking cups or buckets at you (“rather have cash than food dude”). We also discover more and more hobo camps off the roads.

    It’s what obamer and his tranny wife did to America, folks.

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