New York Democrats Move to Register Illegal Aliens, Non-Citizens to Vote


New York State Senate Democrats have advanced a plan that will automatically register to vote all residents who apply for a driver’s licenses — which now includes non-citizens and illegal aliens — unless they “opt-out.”

On Thursday, Senate Senate Democrats passed legislation that will automatically register all residents who obtain driver’s licenses through the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMVs). As of this year, illegal aliens are able to obtain driver’s licenses in New York, indicating that illegal aliens and non-citizens will only be excluded from the state voter rolls if they check the “opt-out” box before applying for a license.

New York Democrats pitched the legislation as an effort to “reduce the incidence of voter registration fraud and voting fraud,” as well as to “prevent erroneous disfranchisement of eligible citizens, promote greater participation of eligible voters in elections…” . more

14 Comments on New York Democrats Move to Register Illegal Aliens, Non-Citizens to Vote

  1. Of course they are.

    This was the intent of the law from the start.

    Everyone knows that, but no one at the top of the information chain will point it out either before or after the fact.

  2. When you got nuthin …
    You got nuthin to lose …

    The Demonrats offer the country nothing.
    Destruction, Hate, Envy, Oppression, Slavery, Starvation, Pestilence, and, ultimately, Death, is not an agenda to win elections.
    But that’s all they offer. Ad Nauseam.
    How many ways can they say it?
    How many more times do we nod our heads?
    Treblinka had no exit – neither did the Gulag.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Yeah right, just legislate-in the fraud up front with a license to cheat!
    Venezuela here we come!!
    Citizens vote, not aliens with a so-called “driver’s license”!!
    I’m with deplorable – second class! Void all NYS federal elections for fraud…
    and shut off the federal spigot to NY and CA while they’re at it! My hard-earned tax money should NOT go to funding this “legalized” criminality!

  4. Time for a Constitutional amendment:

    — only U.S. citizens are permitted to vote in fed elections

    — the decennial census may count everybody, but must require citizenship status for a separate count

    — only U.S. citizens are counted for House of Representatives apportionment

    — if states allow non-citizens to vote in state elections, then there must be a separate voting system for federal elections.

    — generally tighten up citizenship eligibility (details to be determined)

    If states want to allow non-citizens to vote in state elections, that’s up to them (although I think its a terrible idea and would fight against it in my own state).

  5. President Trump will NOT win re-election if this is not dealt with now. Other states will follow unless there is swift and decisive action to stop it.

    Please, God, let this be the impetus for action. Light a fire to make this happen.

  6. This is how they intend to get the additional 30 million votes they need to seal the next election.

    I don’t get how this is legal, they have individual states rights but no right to force those votes to be counted nationally.

  7. Commiefornia did this at least 5 years ago! The lines at the DMV were forbidding. The ILLEGALS needed nothing for identity, not testing, nada, to get their licenses and if they didn’t opt out, instant demoncrat registrants!

  8. gin blossom JANUARY 10, 2020 AT 1:11 PM
    This is how they intend to get the additional 30 million votes

    That’s only a quarter of the population of Mexico. I think they can do way better than that

  9. Meh. New York will be Democrat anyway, extra votes won’t really matter except for meaningless “popular vote” bragging rights…


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