New York faces major rat urine problem  – IOTW Report

New York faces major rat urine problem 

Health authorities have issued an advisory as cases of human leptospirosis have hit a record high.

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  1. As a kid we would go to the city dump and shoot rats, we never ran out of rats.
    Having to many rats, means to much garbage to eat.

    “salty pellets that sterilize both male and female”
    Could we hand them out at the border?

  2. NYC is the epitome of a large city where the rat race prevails in every area of its existence. Who are the biggest rats, the four-legged rodents or the human vermin disguised and acting like rats? Maybe NYC needs to be renamed Willardville.

  3. Individually progs are filthy and disgusting sonsabitches, collectively they feed on each other’s pathologies with each trying to outdo the other and this is just a sample of where that leads. The goddamn things envy, resentment and hatered for God manifests in an attack on God’s most precious creations and therein lies the motivation for taking societies to levels that are beneath human dignity. Satan creates nothing, Satan can only destroy and Satan’s followers please their master by implementing his desires.

    I posted about my observations beginning in the 1960s having watched as places like Seattle and Portland openly embraced that had a critical mass of the fucking reprobates replaced God and Christianity with worship of themselves and embraced tolerance as a replacement for the Bible.

    From a young age it was apparent what they were doing and where they were wanting to take humanity. If it hadn’t been apparent, it was still not a secret. The arrogant malevolent subhuman pieces of shit told anyone curious enough to look into and consider their own words.

    I have absolutely no sympathy for where they have taken their own lives in their effort to collectively remove and replace God from the throne and set themselves collectively in his rightful place in the grand scheme of things. No sympathy whatsoever do I have for anyone and everyone who has even so much as embraced so much as a crumb of what progressivism stands for. Progressivism = Marxism = Satanism and to comprehend what they aspire to one need only look at the places where they have complete and total political control and are able to implement Satan’s agenda.

    My sympathies are reserved for the innocent people who forced to put up with their shit, however I have nothing but pity to offer anyone who concedes good intentions to the rotten bastards who embrace the progressive worldview, at this juncture there is no recourse to not knowing what they stand for and who they follow. Anyone who concedes good intentions cannot truthfully claim ignorance of the truth. The masks are off and they use every form of communication to shove it in everyone’s face what they are. Concession of good intentions is not logical and what more it is evidence of willful ignorance at this point. Willful ignorance is nothing but an excuse for complicity and complicity is responsibility for an equal share of the innocent human suffering, misery and death that progressivism exists to propagate.

    I feel for the innocent people trapped in these circumstances, as for anyone who in any way supports it… enjoy the suck. You earned it.


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