New York GOP rep highlights possible ‘reversible error’ in Trump hush money trial jury instructions – IOTW Report

New York GOP rep highlights possible ‘reversible error’ in Trump hush money trial jury instructions

JTN: Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., said Wednesday that there seems to be reversible error in the hush money trial of former President Donald Trump. 

“This seems to me like reversible error on its face, not to mention all the other terrible things that we’re hearing about it,” Tenney said on the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show, in reference to Judge Juan Merchan’s jury instructions.

Merchan told the jury in the Trump trial that they do not need complete unanimity to convict the former president. He highlighted specifically that if the jurors did not agree on what the crime was, but did agree a crime was committed, he would treat it as a unanimous verdict.  more

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    They have made it impossible that he is not guilty and get to have 4 votes and call it a conviction on ANY crime they want to invent. IT WILL BE overturned but by then it won’t matter…how folks can not see that is beyond me. The idea is to make Trump a Felon for the election then Judge Milktoast will get removed from the court but have a $50 million dollar book deal and gig on CNN. This is Election interference like no other and if the GOP had any spine, they would arrest Biden tomorrow for a crime that can be proven on Hunter’s laptop but the truth is the GOP doesn’t want Trump either…all about unlimited MONEY and POWER from both sides of the aisle and they FU$# the Taxpaying Citizen.

  2. 702 day since Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of:
    Conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts
    Conspiracy to transport minors to participate in illegal sex acts
    Transporting a minor to participate in illegal sex acts
    Sex trafficking conspiracy
    Sex trafficking of a minor

    Number of clients investigated – ZERO.

  3. No real surprise, the plan is to bankrupt Trump. He gets found guilty, appeals, wins appeals due to whatever circumstance(too many to list). But the time and money required to handle appeals and court fees, legal teams. Just to prove they can and force money from him.

  4. It’s unfortunate you can’t post images here. Merchan reminds me of Roland Friesler, Hitler’s executioner “judge” who screamed at innocent defendants before he sentenced them to death. Most of you older Americans (like me) remember footage of his antics.

  5. Has the jury reached a verdict?
    A cryout comes from within the court room. The defendant has collapsed. Another says they heard him say, here comes the big one Lizabeth. Oh well no loss. Just saved the taxpayers a bundle.

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