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New York Is Trump Country

Paul Ingrassia: A lesser man staring down a criminal conviction, even on utterly bogus charges, might break under the stress of the event, or succumb to doubt and despair.  But Donald Trump, as the saying goes, is made of sterner stuff.  This stuff was readily on display Thursday morning in Midtown when he was greeted to a hero’s welcome before a litany of construction workers, representing the Steamfitters Union 638.  Close to a thousand union workers, many of them still registered Democrats, arrived at the crack of dawn – before the President’s scheduled court proceeding – to serenade the President with a traditional New York homecoming. 

What was especially remarkable about the event, which was spearheaded by the New York Young Republican Club, was not so much the enthusiasm among this traditionally Left-leaning voter bloc.  Nor even was the fact that legions of them braved unseasonably chilly temperatures to come out at the crack of dawn, deep in the belly of the beast of liberal Manhattan, to showcase their support for President Trump (of note: their leader, Bob Bartels, said that “President Trump is leading Joe Biden three to one” of their 9,000-member union). more

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  1. Trump is “old ny” so of course he is made of sterner stuff. doesn’t matter though the country is beyond saving unfortunately as recent events have shown. and that my friends is the real tragedy.

  2. I voted for Trump first because he represented a nice thumb in the leftist’s eye. Thought he might be a shiner for Hilry but worth it. He turned out strong, won the next election handily, got cheated by the scumbags and fought them while… maintaining a sense of humor. Whadda guy! Like him or hate him, too good for him or whatever, he’s a thousand times the best thing on the ballot this time around.

    Vote Trump or go boil your head!


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