New York Republican Rep. Tom Reed: ‘Legitimate conversations’ taking place about taxing the amount of miles you drive – IOTW Report

New York Republican Rep. Tom Reed: ‘Legitimate conversations’ taking place about taxing the amount of miles you drive

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New York Republican Rep. Tom Reed, co-chair of the House Problem Solvers Caucus, said there are “legitimate conversations” taking place among members of Congress about implementing a Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) system that would charge drivers for the number of miles they travel as a way to fund a large-scale infrastructure bill.

The incoming Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg floated the idea of a VMT system last week as the Biden administration prepares infrastructure legislation valued at about $1 trillion. 

“In the long term, we need to bear in mind also that as vehicles become more efficient and as we pursue electrification, sooner or later, there will be questions about whether the gas tax can be effective at all,” Buttigieg said. 

Reed was asked if he thinks taxes will go up to pay for a $1 trillion infrastructure bill.

“There’s an appetite on the left for the fair-share argument and raising revenue, so I think that’s going to be part of the conversation,” Reed said during a discussion organized by the Economic Club of Washington. “The gas tax, I still don’t see a gas tax increase on the horizon, maybe an inflationary raise there, that could be something that maybe gets folks together, but there’s other revenue increases that are out there.” MORE


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I don’t put these numbers up for show. I hope you’re calling/emailing/@’ing these politicians. Thanks.

34 Comments on New York Republican Rep. Tom Reed: ‘Legitimate conversations’ taking place about taxing the amount of miles you drive

  1. The delivery of goods and services across this country depends on Over the Road distribution – imagine the price increase in goods and services alone! Need a tow truck? Sure, $1000 per 30 miles!

    Worse of all, this is a direct effort to tax freedom and limit how much a person can travel. Just like China.

    Next up, taxing airline miles…

  2. Then there will be tax on how many time one takes a shit, tax on farts, tax on washing and drying laundry, tax on using your lawn mower and snowblower, and so on. God, please help us.

  3. “House Problem Solvers Caucus” WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT?????

    This must be the group of idiots that decides whether the toilet paper unrolls from the top or bottom, in the capitol restrooms.

  4. More money needed for our out of control government growth. How much are airlines going to pay??

  5. …relax….it’s not like they’re gonna let you keep your car much longer anyway, and it’s not like you’d be able to afford the gas for it even if they did…

    …see, Communism only works if your pawns only move when and where you TELL them to. And it’s MUCH easier to control a WALKING population.

    …so sorry, no Mad Max dystopia in our future, we simply won’t have either the gas or the independent, not-linked, not full of Chinese electronics cars for it, so Bartertown is actually a step UP from where WE’RE headed…

  6. In in case the screening idiot doesn’t realize it, there is already a gasoline tax. The more miles you drive, the more taxes you pay. Is this a duplicate or triplicate tax on same thing? Politicians entire stipend should be taxed add the hundred percent rate.

  7. They force us into smaller, more efficient, and lighter vehicles because Mother Earth is crying, don’t you know, but then they still find a way to wring out the same amount of tax dollars. The Leviathan will never EVER be denied its unfair share. The beast must be kept fed.

  8. What happened to all the previous trillion dollar bills were spent on roads and bridges? Also what is happening to all the road use taxes we pay on every gallon of gasoline we purchase?

  9. This was proposed in California and our assholes are fiscally smarter than assholes at the Federal level. There’s 18.4 cents of Fed taxes on a gallon of gas. 24.4 cent per gallon on diesel. You slap a tax on miles driven and people will drastically cut back on driving eliminating the need to purchase fuel. This will be a net loss in revenue.

  10. Next up, these tax hungry bastards will have a “bipartisan” committee looking into taking your IRAs and 401Ks and placing them into a retirement fund….After they get their cut of course.

  11. Nope. Freedom of movement. Violation of privacy. How is this going to get reported? Self-reported? Well, IRS, I bought a bike and only drove 1 mile last year. No, you can’t look at my odometer.

  12. “House Problem Solvers Caucus” You mean solve the problem that they created? These @$$holes have no shame or sense of decency.

  13. ” How is this going to get reported? ”

    Maybe verified mileage at emission tests at first, but as time goes by it will be mandatory for GPS type of tracking systems that will track all of your driving to be installed on every vehicle for it to be licensed.

    Remember: Everything being done has both an overt and a covert purpose, one is to to get the people to accept them and the other to achieve a different objective that is its real intention.

  14. How do they propose to learn how many miles we’re driving?
    Do they actually believe we’ll be compliant with this?

  15. There is a FB group that follows things in Washington State. Just about everything they post is: “A new tax (or fee) is being considered for the purposes of ____________________.”

    If the question is “Should we go to McDonalds or Burger King for lunch,” there will be a new tax or fee under consideration to explore the matter.

  16. VMT is targeted at hybrid and electric, but those who will suffer most are those who live in rural areas (a step closer to Agenda 21). Also, road trips will be curtailed. Combine this with the anticipated massive rise in fuel taxes (carbon penalties, etc.) and staycations will be the norm.

    The saying used to be, Elections Matter. The Dems have changed it to, To the Victor Go the Spoils. If you think the Republicans will regain the majority in ’22, it ain’t gonna happen. The last relatively honest election was in 2016.

  17. If you drive a car
    I’ll tax the street
    If you try to sit
    I’ll tax your seat
    If you get too cold
    I’ll tax the heat
    If you take a walk
    I’ll tax your feet

    ‘Cause I’m the taxman
    Yeah, I’m the taxman
    –The Beatles

    I’ll bet that tax won’t apply to congress critters.

  18. It will be easier to de-fund the police after so many of them are terminated with extreme prejudice for attempting to enforce mandatory GPS tracking on every vehicle.

  19. You traitorous no good treasonous piece of shit of a GOP congressman. Once again the republicans are lining up with the communist death democrats who are out to take away every single freedom and every single dollar that we have.

    Legitimate my ass. We need to deluge these worthless, craven GOP scum about this. Does anyone believe for one second that any of this money will ever go to any legitimate “infrastructure” projects? Remember the trillion dollar infrastructure money that was allocated under that communist shit stain Obama to projects. It went straight into the pockets of the unions who funneled it back to the communist death democrats.

    Bullshit. No new taxes.

    This also about taking away our freedom to travel. They are also talking about raising the gas tax. Communist horse shit with the willing help of their allies the republicans. Call and write your worthless turd republican congressman and senators and threaten to primary them and not contribute to their campaigns.

  20. You clowns just can’t be happy unless you are fucking the population over can you? Worthless thieving pricks ALL OF YOU!


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