Newsom vetoes bill decriminalizing hallucinogens in California – IOTW Report

Newsom vetoes bill decriminalizing hallucinogens in California

“Unfortunately, this bill would decriminalize possession prior to these guidelines going into place, and I cannot sign it,” Newsom said.

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  1. Newsom, the dirtbag with the greased out hair the effeminate mien, massive family connections in the corruptocracy that is California politics, proof of leftist incompetence at the city level executive in SanFranShithole, more proof of leftist incompetence at the state level as governor is running for president.

    The worst of the loony leftist ‘progressive’ bills that the communistic California one party legislature passes will not get his signature from now until he either quits running for preezy or is installed as the new figurehead in chief of the joint by the same scumbags that installed pedojoe the demented these woeful few years ago.

    California gets a little bit of a breather, for a short time, but sure as a frog’s ass is watertight he’ll be back to form if he isn’t installed by the cabal, and if he is, expect California trippin’ on a national scale.

  2. Wild Bill Monday, 9 October 2023, 16:27 at 4:27 pm

    Humans have been taking hallucinogens for thousands of years.

    The Indians have been using peyote for centuries to keep their act together. Our forefathers enjoyed their weed and some Presidents such as: #44 – Barack Obama:
    #43 – George W. Bush:
    #42 – Bill Clinton:
    #14 – Franklin Pierce:

    One of three military men to become president who enjoyed smoking marijuana with the troops fighting the Mexican-American War. In a letter to his family, Pierce wrote that marijuana smoking was “about the only good thing” about the war.

    #12 – Zachary Taylor:
    #7 – Andrew Jackson:

    Third of the three military men whose letters referred to smoking marijuana with the troops.
    #5 – James Monroe:

    Openly smoked hashish while he was Ambassador to France and continued smoking it until his death at age 73.

    #4 – James Madison:

    The “Father of the Constitution” claimed that hemp gave him the insight to create a new democratic nation.

    #3 – Thomas Jefferson:

    In addition to farming hemp, Jefferson was Ambassador to France during the hashish era there. At risk of imprisonment if caught, Jefferson smuggled hemp seeds from China known for their potency to America. However, as far as our research takes us, he never said or wrote, “Some of my finest hours have been spent sitting on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye can see.”

    YES #1 – George Washington


    The largest growing number of weed users in California are senior citizens. At least there’s dispensaries where you can purchase it legally and know that what you’re buying is safe. Weed is no more dangerous than beer or wine. My sister died from alcoholism.

  3. @ LocoBlancoSaltine

    Trump Derangement Syndrome seems to be the biggest cause of hallucinations in the modern world. Look up the definition of hallucination and tell me which one of Trump’s crimes it doesn’t desribe.

  4. Oh, mod is a denier.
    That clears things up about the bizarre Trump reference.

    I get that certain people find the fact that pot is indeed an hallucinogen is an inconvenient truth.
    Even though you may not want it to be, it is classified correctly as such.
    It’s considered to be a hallucinogen because IT IS ONE.
    Its chemical compound has that effect on the human brain.
    It also very harmful to young adults whose brains are still developing.
    That is an irrefutable fact.

    Perhaps you’ve never hallucinated while stoned but that proves nothing.
    Sorry if I ruined your day by stating such facts.

  5. I haven’t smoked dope for 42 years Loco. I also think it’s a huge mistake to legalize marijuana….Now, address your Tequila addiction and your hallucinations…

  6. Assh*les planning on the ‘24 ticket for Pres, even he knows Sacramentos sh?t government is lib bs, and bad press for him. I’m a 68 yr old Ca native, don’t let anyone think this assho!es anything but the white stuff in chicken sh?t

  7. Soma anyone. I haven’t touched any of the shit in 48 years and never intend to get high or stupid ever again. God delivered me from the stuff back then and I don’t intend to be a become another dumbass aging baby boomer druggie or stoner still using drugs. It didn’t do me any good then and the new shit is far worse now than it was back in the day.

  8. Why are YOUR panties in a wad Willys?
    You said you haven’t smoked dope in decades.
    Why do you care that pot is classified and causes hallucinations?
    I get why these other tools do.
    It cuts into the narrative that pot is perfectly safe, not harmful in any way.
    Hell, “grandma does it” hurr durr…

    I totally admit to drinking my share of tequila.
    OK, my share and the share of 1000 other people.
    Tequila and other booze is not part of this conversation.
    Booze does not cause hallucinations and is classified as a depressant.

    I would rather have my aircraft pilot buzzed on a few beers than one waiting for the pot gummies to kick in and he starts seeing Godzilla…

  9. Loco typed…”Booze does not cause hallucinations and is classified as a depressant.”… ever seen a alcoholic try to get sober?….I have. They see bugs crawling on their skin and other things that ain’t there….Zanex and Prozac are also antidepressants…Ever see the results of someone abusing those?….STFU….

  10. Willys is like a leftist with his “whataboutism” bullshit.
    And just like a leftist he makes a fool out of himself.
    In his never-ending zeal to try and “own” me he once again defecates on his own shoes.
    Tequila is not a hallucinogen.
    Pot is a hallucinogen.

  11. Loco, you defend yourself a lot speaking to a third party…Who might that be?…That is also an hallucination…A deflection of taking personal responsibility for oneself….


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