NFL Blames ‘Confluence of Events’ for Ratings Declines

Nasdaq: The National Football League has sent a memo to team owners seeking to ease concerns about the ratings decline that has hit football this fall.

Through the first four weeks of the season, NFL viewership has declined 11%, and among the crucial adults 18-49 demographic that advertisers covet, ratings are down 12%.

“While our partners, like us, would have liked to see higher ratings, they remain confident in the NFL and unconcerned about a long-term issue,” the letter from NFL senior executives Brian Rolapp and Howard Katz said, adding that over the last 15 years, ratings viewership has grown 27% and that football “continues to be far and away the most powerful programming on television and the best place for brands and advertisers.”

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23 Comments on NFL Blames ‘Confluence of Events’ for Ratings Declines

  1. LOL! The plan is working and they don’t get it. Their numbers will continue to fall. Good! Keep boycotting them and their sponsors! It works, just ask Target’s CEO.

  2. Dang. I’m left out. My boycott of the NFL has not changed my viewing activity at all because it has been decades since I was a football fan. I guess I need to get a list of sponsors to withhold my money from, but as I am not in the market for a new car truck and I buy only St. Pauli Girl beer even the beg advertisers won’t feel my economic power. Suggestions?

  3. It’s not going to be until you start seeing vast patches of empty seats in the stands and unsold merchandise and another 12 or 15 percent drop in viewers will the owners and the overpriced help sit up and take notice. Then when the revenue from the ad’s starts to drop like a stone and the brand begins to deteriorate you’ll see a few backroom meetings between the owners and players reps and these protests will stop. Hell, it will probably be the players that started it suggest they stop because while these football players may not be the brightest bulbs in the pack they can sure tell the difference between a house and a mansion.

  4. like any typical lawyer, Roger Goodell has his head up his ass.

    I have watched only one game so far this season – it was a pre-season game – and frankly I don’t miss the NFL.

    If these overpaid racist assholes persist in their anti-American Narcissistic hissy fits, I will begin writing to NFL advertisers telling them the reason why I am no longer buying their shit is because of Goodell and the racist players.

    It’s only when we begin writing & emailing these Corporate America advertisers that they will in turn tell the NFL either fix it right fucking now or else they are pulling their advertising.

  5. There’s a whole new demographic to peruse on mars, and the NFL should look into that. Before someone else does.

  6. I used to watch the NFL almost religiously. Nary a game since that tattooed freak QB decided to turn his career into a BS political statement and the other low potential-high achievers decided to follow him. There are other things to do with my time.

  7. Surely it has nothing to do with focusing on fist-pumping punks and kneeling brats during the National Anthem.
    In related news, Timmie and the Screecher and Obama believe that everything in America today is just ducky.

  8. For immediate release to franchise holders only:

    Message from the Office of the Chairman, NFL.

    Yes, we know ratings and associated revenues have taken a recent hit. We can weather this as a team. Just because some of our millionaire negro players are being spoiled brats and hippocrits, calling attention to them selves about causes they are doing nothing to personally support monetarily, should not be cause for them to be censored by franchise holders.

    They be niggers and shit, yo. You should respect this and swallow what ever shit they be dishin’. Restricting the protesting brothers to the locker rooms during the national anthem will NOT be allowed. We are aware you pay their salaries but you signed the assholes in the first place, and knew they were trouble when you hired them. So live with the hood antics they are up to now.

    Any team franchise that modifies hiring processes in the future to increase white player recruitment will be dealt with severely.

    From the Office of the Chairman, NFL. A Non Profit 301 C-6 entity.

  9. Murderers, rapists, terrorists, pedophiles, and illegal alien invading rat-people don’t stand for the Anthem, either.

    Actually, no one else who hates America stands for it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. protesting, beating their wives, murdering their wives and babies, my my! When do they have the time to play football?!

  11. They will be in a state of denial. Just wait, one of the reasons for the empty seats will be ‘climate change’ — too hot, too cold, too windy, too rainy, too much snow, hurricane is pending, hurricane has just left …. everything but the truth.

  12. they can live in la-la-land right up until they go belly-up bankrupt……i won’t watch any team that allows capernick stunts…..and i’ve been an nfl fan since before the first superbowl….

    they have the power to prevent this shit…….as long as they allow it to continue, i’m not watching…..they can pretend it’s because of WHATEVER, but we all know it’s because of their disrespect of Americans…….we don’t take kindly to that, fer some reason……

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