NFL “Patriotism” Fails to Impress Flyover Folk


Liberty Nation: As Memorial Day approaches, the trappings of a grateful nation are no more prevalent anywhere than across middle America and in the rural communities scattered from New Mexico to Arkansas.  Old Glory is flown year ‘round by most; but the approaching weekend brings out the inner patriot, as stars and stripes dominate the small-town squares, from bunting draped on main street, flags waving on front porches, and of course, dotting the lawn, marking those who once served our country with unparalleled pride.

Perhaps it was just precipitous timing by the National Football League (NFL) in announcing their policy for players in regards to protesting during the National Anthem. Or maybe it was just additional and premeditated posturing by an organization already taken down to a knee by former fans.

In brief, the policy states that all players and personnel on the field during the National Anthem must stand or be fined a paltry, yet undisclosed, sum. Those wishing to protest can do so inside their locker rooms.

Either way, it seems no one is satisfied with the beleaguered league if outrage on social media, specifically my own Facebook page, is any indication. Here are some of the more colorful comments:

23 Comments on NFL “Patriotism” Fails to Impress Flyover Folk

  1. Too little too late. I’m not so quick to forget your sleazy disregard for our nation. GFY’s

  2. I do not wish to participate in your “jury duty”. Nor your fine for “misgendering you”. I’ll be in the bathroom. Now, pay me.

  3. Yeah Roger, when you come to the plate a day late and 90 million dollars short cuz you gave it away to Social Just Us “Warriors”, you can go pound salt while taking a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut that’s going down hill like yer ratings!

  4. Olbermann returns proves it’s just more Show for Dollars
    History Prescripted
    ESPN 30 Trophy Axis losses by 2020
    Bet your Bank on it NFL Owners
    You Lose, We Win.
    You change, We Win
    You Win, We Win
    We are the House now


  5. As Goodell stated, “that is a very important moment for a lot of us as a league,”
    It should be a very important moment for ALL of you as a league.

  6. Nothing will bring back the NFL except a complete purge of kneelers and Goodell. Until this is done I hope the owners enjoy their empty multimillion dollar stadiums and their overpaid prima donna SJW’s. Goodell and the owners allowed this stupidity to happen and they will be paying the cost for the foreseeable future.

  7. August 1st is the Day Season Tickets go on sale,

    It will show whether or not the NFL can recover.

    The globalists would like nothing better than to usher in

    soccer as a World Sport …F*ck that…and the term “soccer”

    was coined by once Great Britain…not still Great America.

  8. Berner – I have not idea what Roger is even saying there, but I am very well awayre of what a “very important moment” to me was – When a bunch of over-paid, prima-donnas started pretending that racism is somehow sooooo prevalent and the number one problem in America. America is the best place for opportunity for any minority, not to mention a TWO-term Black President! (cue Joe Biden holding up three fingers)
    Americans have worked for over half a century and poured trillions of dollars into Civil Rights and equality and now we have to put up with this horse shit???
    Lemme tell ya, it’s a lot like getting a bad meal at a restaurant.
    You never go back.
    The NFL certainly left a bad taste in my mouth thanks to zero leadership from you ROGER!!

  9. Like most half-measures, a display of cowardice.

    “Let us make a compromise between those who hate America with those who love America.”

    How’s that work, exactly? Make one general mass of tepid Americans? Sort of like all the infesting rat-people – who neither love nor hate America – but simply want to profit from her freedoms? The NFL has joined these ranks – and “rank” they are. I think this manner of cowardice disgusts me more than the blatant anti-Americanism of the ignorant ball players.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Kaepernick stated unequivocally that his kneeling was because he hated the United States. It wasn’t cops. It wasn’t this. It wasn’t that.

    He hates this country. From its birth to the present. The usual “original sin” of slavery. Conceived in sin. Ripping the earth from peaceful Indians. Don’t let them change the subject.

    As of this morning, police have killed twice as many white people in the US than black people:

    Out of the 20 unarmed people killed by police this year, 11 were white, 8 were black, one was hispanic.

    So his “protest” is in service to a problem that does not exist.

  11. Look at it this way.

    Three female dentists will respectfully dress up in clothing that is not of their ethnic origin for an ad in hopes of promoting their business. The left seizes on them and bullies the three female dentists (who never knew they were racists until the left pointed it out to them) into pulling the ad and demands they offer free dental care to all supposed minorities who were offended by their racial sensitivity. The three female dentists back down and pull the ad and then fall all over themselves apologizing to these SJWs. Which as we all know, NEVER works because the left will not be satisfied until their professional and personal lives are destroyed.

    But we just did this to the NFFUCKINGL. And we are where the true power lies. “The left must be eradicated” said BigFurHat and we have the power to do it.

  12. If you have to be pressed to find your patriotism, you don’t have any.
    An endless amount of Military Appreciation Day stunts doesn’t hide that either.

  13. As NFL income evaporates, I hope it really hurts when the cheerleaders’ lawsuits syphon off the last of their cash. lol

  14. That silly enterprise engaged in by huge burly girly boys is an immensely dull, boring and tedious farce perpetrated on a gullible public during four monotonous hours!

  15. The NFL is a corpse that hasn’t fallen down yet.
    The players need to realize they actually get paid to play ball, and NOTHING ELSE and that nobody gives a shit about their opinions.

  16. Letting the players hide out during the Anthem is COWARDICE. They are still disrespecting America.

    I will not contribute one penny or second on NFL until all players and coaches are required to be on the field, stand and RESPECT our flag, anthem and country.

  17. So the players can’t see the connection between their $$$ salaries, business health, and pissed off customers?

    When the average employee IQ is <100 the employer shouldn't expect anything less.

  18. @Anonymous May 26, 2018 at 11:55 am

    > Now would or wouldn’t be the Time to bring up the worth of that common college degree?



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