Nice Try, Dummy: White House Whistleblower Didn’t Have Direct Knowledge of Trump Communications

Breitbart: The anonymous whistleblower who claimed that President Donald Trump pressured the Ukraine’s head of state to investigate Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden didn’t have direct knowledge of what was said, according to a new report.

CNN‘s Stephen Collinson reported Friday that the whistleblower “didn’t have direct knowledge of the communications,” citing an official briefed on the matter:

Instead, the whistleblower’s concerns came in part from learning information that was not obtained during the course of their work, and those details have played a role in the administration’s determination that the complaint didn’t fit the reporting requirements under the intelligence whistleblower law, the official said.

CNN buried the revelation 22 paragraphs into the article titled, “New revelations deepen scandal over Trump whistleblower complaint.”

The new revelation complicates the accusations against the president, which first surfaced in the Wall Street Journal this week.

The newspaper reported that an anonymous whistleblower claimed President Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to work with Rudy Giuliani to look into Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Ukraine during a phone call in July.

The report said the business dealings were between Hunter Biden and an energy company owned by a Ukrainian oligarch while Joe Biden was Vice President. more here

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Biden Accuses Trump of Abusing Power by Highlighting Son’s Ties to Ukraine.

Joe Biden fired back at President Donald Trump on Saturday for reportedly urging the Ukrainian government to probe into the shadowy ties his son has to one of its largest energy companies.

The former vice president, who for months has refused to discuss the business dealings of his youngest son, Hunter Biden, has undertaken with foreign governments, accused Trump of misusing his authority while attending the Polk County Steak Fry in Des Moines, Iowa.

“This appears to be an overwhelming abuse of power,” Biden told reporters at the event. “To get on the phone with a foreign leader who is looking for help from the United States and ask about me and imply things … this is outrageous.”

The former vice president’s comments come one day after the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump allegedly asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to look into Hunter Biden’s ties to Burisma Holdings.

The younger Biden joined the natural gas company’s board of directors in April 2014, where he was purportedly paid more $83,000 a month, despite having no prior background in the energy industry. At the same time, the then-vice president was the Obama administration’s point-man on Ukraine in the wake of Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

More troubling is the fact that at the time of Hunter Biden’s appointment, Burisma was actively seeking to curry favor with western leaders, especially those in the U.S., after its business practices had come under scrutiny. MORE

SNIP: This isn’t going away, Plugs.

20 Comments on Nice Try, Dummy: White House Whistleblower Didn’t Have Direct Knowledge of Trump Communications

  1. “This isn’t going away, Plugs”

    Nope, you’re in a fix, Joe. The Hunter has become the hunted. Literally. All your Deep State and media minders can’t help you. It’s now obvious how Little Georgie tried in June…

    “Asked by ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos in the Oval Office on Wednesday whether his campaign would accept such information from foreigners — such as China or Russia — or hand it over the FBI, Trump said, “I think maybe you do both.”

    What a sad, incompetent cadre of dead-ender nevertrumpers.

  2. Would it be illegal for a President to ask for cooperation in an investigation from another Head of State? If so, why?

    What law supposedly was broken by Trump’s reputed comments to the Ukrainian President?

    Doesn’t a whistleblower have to have actual knowledge of the alleged crime and know that it might be a crime?

    Hearsay is not accepted in court. Why should it be different here?

  3. It’s the emotional need of the TDSers that is driving everything.
    Courts rely on facts, but stories are published driving from ‘news’ organizations’ need for revenue and TDSers need for anything they can grasp onto that suggest Trump might actually pay for his imagined evils.

  4. The psychological projection displayed by Biden, and other Demonrats, is jaw dropping.

    I”m not sure what to make of the whistleblower. Is this another attempt, like when Feinstein releasing classified committee transcripts, to tip off the targets so they can plan a defense?

    The whistleblower assertion is absurd on it face because to US President has broad powers to discuss practically anything with a foreign leader.

  5. Why does it seem that the Media grabs on to these things instantly and runs with them in the most sensational manner possible without even a precursory check of their factual basis to see if there is one?

    And then never apologizes to their readers and viewers when they turn out false?

    Maybe they’re just catering to an audience that wants to be lied to?

  6. @Anonymous. Some call it TDS. I don’t know, but it seems to go back further to OCS (Obama Cult Syndrome). Cult members are always the last to know.

  7. I never thought I would see a real life example of ACME Dynamite in action.
    Joe Biden = Wile E Coyote
    This Ukrainian subject = ACME Dynamite

  8. So in the immortal words of Ilhan Antisemite…somebody did something…actually it’s somebody said somebody did something. In fact it’s heresy, plain and simple and not grounds for the whistle blowing law because the accused is not in the employ of the intel spooks, and the accusation is baseless.

    Like a stable genius El Presidente lead them down the primrose path by their noses and while the stupid little pigs were rooting around in the mud they accidentally exposed the bones of a real crime done by Pedo Joe. Simply sublime.

  9. Intense psychological projection.
    Their so mixed up
    They don’t know which way is up
    Hickory Hickory Clock
    Tricks me into thinking
    I can’t believe my eyes
    Always out making pictures
    Always out making scenes
    When it comes to making Dreams
    Leave it to Me
    Everything will be alright
    Yeah, if you leave it to Me
    It’s all mixed up
    It’s all mixed up
    It’s all mixed up

  10. Put a little heat on a demorat and listen to all the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Time to pig pile all these MFers.

  11. So Joe thinks PRESIDENT Trump is abusing his power by asking the president of Ukraine for information to help him (Trump) prosecute corrupt Joe for abusing his power when he was vice president, that helped his equally corrupt son enrich himself at the expense of the Ukrainian people? Is that about it?

  12. This story about Joe and Hunter Biden was pretty much dead, “debunked” as Shep Smith put it, until the whistleblower showed up. I am starting to think the whistleblower might actually be a pro-Trump person.

  13. Because it was second hand and not in the course of his official duties doesn’t the “whistleblower” lose his protected status? Out him and fire his TDS ass

    And as far as the calls to release the transcript of the call, Pres Trump needs to say “No, it is more important for foreign leaders to know that when we talk I will keep what we say confidential than it is to appease my political opposition. Are you feeling me, Pencil Neck?”

  14. Cripes! Biden is a one man Democrat wrecking crew! #Gafftastic!!

    Biden: “Don’t look under the mattress! Look under Trump’s mattress!!”

  15. Another lie by the smellocrats.

    How astounding.

    Has there ever been a survey of the average IQ
    of the various political, religious and alarmist
    affiliations ?

    I think it would be VERY revealing.


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