Nike vs In-n-Out: The Silent Majority Have Spoken

WAR/ Town Hall: Not all forays into politics are equal. Two companies in the news in the past few days highlight this lesson. The Silent Majority has spoken. This is the story of In-n-Out versus Nike.

Let’s start with In-n-Out Burgers. Liberals decided to call for a national boycott because In-n-Out committed the “sin” of donating to the GOP. How idiotic is the idea of boycotting a company for making a political donation? Almost every company, even the small businesses you buy from, is run by someone who has a political opinion.

Having that opinion is protected by free speech clause of the U.S. Constitution. It’s what America is all about. It’s what so many millions of young Americans have died for on bloody battlefields all over the world.

Most businesses, or their CEOs give political donations. Again, that is protected by free speech. Again, that is as American as apple pie. Most of us never know who the businesses we buy from donates to. Or care. If I like a product, I’ll buy it. I don’t care who you donate to. But boycotting businesses who give to the GOP is idiotic.

First, the GOP controls the Presidency, Senate, House, a large majority of Governors, Lt. Governors and state legislatures. In short, the GOP dominates America. As a matter of fact, polling proves “conservatives” outnumber “liberals” in 47 out of 50 states.

Yet liberals and the liberal media paint us as either “extreme” “racist” “Nazis” or criminals. Liberals are kidding themselves. Pure delusion. Our views are common sense and mainstream. You’re the radical extreme ones. You’re the ones who are out of touch. Fact- we are “the Silent Majority.”   READ MORE

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  1. Sunday (3 days go) I got 4 double-double animals! I back folk that back me!

    If you lived in the West it was apparent in ’76 that Nike hated America. So I have not bought any Nike in 42 years. I try to hurt folk that want to hurt me!

  2. It’s kind of a shame that businesses have to make political donations to stay in business (or to get tax preferences).

    I don’t know, but it stinks like Europe and mexico, to me.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I ditched Nike and New Balance years ago for Brooks sneakers. Very comfortable and supportive, better quality overall. And yes, a higher price, but they seem to last forever.

  4. those that own a business shouldn’t give donations to any political party but rather give their employees a raise and make them happy. the heck with politicians they make more than five of us put together… and an In-out double with grilled onions is great. 🙂

  5. The Silent Majority had better stop being so silent. Part of “silent” has been complacency.

    Get out and vote in November.

  6. My last pair of Nike’s were extremely well worn out when I threw them out almost 3 years ago, I will never buy a pair of Nikes ever again. I just purchased a pair of New Balance shoes with non slip soles from Shoes For Crews at the recommendation of my younger brother a couple of months ago for work, so far they’ve been pretty good and will be my regular work shoes until Fall when I start wearing my Red Wing boots during the Fall and Winter.

  7. In N’ Out makes a great sandwich that is different from other “fast food” offerings out there. (In N’ Out isn’t particularly fast). I recommend the Double Double with cheese animal style.

    Nike makes shoes similar to a dozen other shoe companies. Personally, I prefer both New Balance and Brooks (both mentioned in previous comments) over Nike. But if Nike went out of business tomorrow, some other shoe company will buy the Air Jordan name and carry on as though Nike never existed.

    So which boycott would work? In N’ Out is a west coast iconic chain, and unless they hire OJ Simpson and Michael Moore as their spokespersons their fans will continue to patronize them. Nike, on the other hand, is just one shoe brand out of many shoe brands – they rely on their Jordans as status symbols, but other than that it’s still basic athletic footwear.

  8. I prefer Adidas, more feminine.
    Oh, and thankfully Arizona has In and Out, absolutely delicious. Best burger I ever had. I even LIKE their special sauce and I usually hate any kind of ‘special’ sauce from any burger joint.

  9. Nike got weird from the go, when they adopted their slogan from a killer who was about to be killed by firing squad. Gary Gilmour’s last words were “Let’s Do It”.

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