No criminals in the migrant caravan? Tell that to the mothers of the 100 missing

American Thinker:

The mainstream press has gone to great pains to tell us the migrant caravan making its way from Honduras to the U.S. has no criminals. Here’s the Washington Post:

The Trump administration has provided no evidence that criminals, members of the MS-13 gang or people of Middle Eastern descent form part of the caravan. Trump has been criticized for profiling people of Middle Eastern descent with these remarks.

In fact, the caravan is often billed as a refuge from criminals, a safety-in-numbers bid that allows migrants to avoid having to pay coyotes for the expensive $8,000 journey. As the New York Times reported:

The large size of the caravan, though making for slow progress, has provided participants with safety from the thieves and gangs that prey on migrants in Mexico. It has also apparently discouraged the Mexican authorities from trying to detain all of them.

There’s just one problem with that:

Back near the Guatemalan border end of the journey back in late October, at least one migrant kid was kidnapped right there. Now a hundred migrants have disappeared from this caravan. Apparently someone rolled a truck up, told the migrants they were getting a free ride, lured them in, and nobody’s seen them since. Their crying kids should be fine fodder on the hip of some trafficker as he seeks to get in as a “family unit” claiming asylum and benefits from “catch and release.” The women may end up in border brothels. The men may end up as drug mules or in mass graves. The perverse incentive to kidnap is already there, and sure enough, some criminal likely embedded in the group started harvesting.

Now NBC and The Hill are reporting that migrant women are organizing as a group to find their lost children on these journeys, which would have to include the current caravan, which up until now has been justified as a “safe” way for migrants to travel.  more here

4 Comments on No criminals in the migrant caravan? Tell that to the mothers of the 100 missing

  1. Do you want the big beautiful omelet? Then accept that eggs have to be broken.

    Don’t want the omelet? Tough, you’re going to eat it and like it.

  2. I have a different opinion and mine is YAY…. one hundred LESS freeloading burdens upon the tax paying American citizens!

    Can you just for one moment imagine how much money was saved by NOT having to pay for their housing, food, medical costs, and all the other “free stuff” they get from our government over 18 years worth of freeloading?

    I think someone is doing the USA a big fat favor and I “hope-n-pray” that by the time these losers make it to our border there is nobody under 40 in the criminal caravans.

    After all, if the kidnappers cannot get their easy pickings from the criminal caravans down Mexico way then they will just continue to kidnap American children…. so which would Y-O-U rather see go on into a life as a dancing boy in a muslim country like obamma used be, a illegal alien that never sets foot in america or an american citizens child?

  3. I have zero pity for these people. They come here with their hands out demanding to be taken care of while waving their country’s flag and middle fingers at us.
    They are not victims, they created the country they are now running from. They see this country as a resource to exploit and that’s all.


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