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NoKo hackers steal blueprints for F-15

WaExaminer: North Korea stole plans for a U.S. fighter jet by hacking into more than 100 South Korean firms and government agencies over a two-year period, the South said on Monday.

The intrusion resulted in the theft of 42,000 documents from 140,000 computers held by 160 entities, the South Korean cyber police agency told media. The hacking began in 2014 but wasn’t detected until February, and resulted in the theft of blueprints for F-15 fighter jets and unmanned spy planes.

However, the South Korean government insisted the blueprints did not include classified information, and that they would have a “negligible impact on national security.” Police added that the hacking could have escalated into a more significant cyberattack if it had remained undetected, saying North Korea appeared “to have been preparing for a long time to try to launch a countrywide cyberattack.”  more

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  1. Hell, they could steal the blueprints for a Saturn V rocket, but that doesn’t mean they could make one. Besides, we’ve sold F-15s to everyone but the Fiji Islanders, so it would be a lot cheaper to buy some on the used aircraft market than to try to make them. They’d be obsolete by the time you got tooled up to do it, anyway.


  2. I gotta admit it would be pretty funny to see the pilot starring out backwards between the vertical stabs in a cockpit positioned directly over the exhaust nozzles!

  3. It won’t be difficult to tell a NoKo knockoff from the original. The propellers are a dead giveaway.

  4. they should have done what all other foreign powers have done.
    donate to the CGI.
    then hack the beast’s server in her bathroom for the plans.
    the beast certainly streamlined the “pay to play” scam.
    renting out the whitehouse last time was chicken feed. we haven’t seen anything yet.

  5. If the Big Un would declare himself a moslem, and NoKo an izlamic State, Obola, Jarrett, and Clinton would see to it that he got all the modern weaponry he needs.

    And he’d get the passwords to all our computers …

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Norks probably got into a bidding war between the gay Kenyan commie and the Clinton Crime Syndicate. By the time the bidding was over, one of them paid that little fat slob to take the secrets.

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