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Not buying it: Oregon vaccination rates plummet despite million dollar lottery

Just The News: Just two weeks after Gov. Kate Brown announced Oregon was giving away a million dollars to get residents vaccinated, fewer residents are rolling up their sleeves for a shot. MORE

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  1. No thank you, get real lab rats for your testing not naive Americans. Let me know when you get a vaccine that works without screwing up your body. Waiting…

  2. As the “information” about this bio-weapon and it’s “cure”, drips out into the mainstream, the number of potential victims seems to be dramatically reducing.

  3. Money and the world’s largest ever clinical human trials.
    This must be the most exciting thing the pharmaceutical companies have ever been able to do.
    They are the biggest advertisers on all the news channels so they can easily pressure them to promote it.
    They’re one of the largest donors to politicians.

    If they weren’t they wouldn’t get the support from the media, govt and Hollywood they’re getting.
    They would be advertising for volunteers to be part of the trials instead of advertising that you better get vaxxed or not be able to live a normal life again.

  4. And yet, ABC is reporting that:

    “US surpasses 300 million COVID-19 vaccine shots administered”

    When you get past the “Read More” you ate told that this 300 million accounts for “roughly 49.3% of the U.S. population over 12…”

    Positive tests, Covid deaths…Is this the next big covid number spin they’re foisting on us?

  5. So I just got word that my cousin back East died. She got covid 6 months ago. Almost died but recovered and was in rehab. She got the jab and died 6/1 of a heart attack. Contractor’s wife got sepsis – 6 weeks after getting the jab and almost died (they couldn’t find the infection). Nieces fiance dropped dead the morning of their wedding. He was 51 a firefighter, got the jab and died of a heart attack. Another guy in his unit 20 years old, got the jab and dropped dead of a heart attack. This is just in my little realm of family/friends getting the injection and dying. No effing way will I get the jab.

  6. I did notice a change on Facebook just Saturday related to this. For a year now whenever our Democratic Kentucky governor posted something, the lefty praise was rather nauseating. But KY has a lottery for getting vaccinated now too. And on the post I saw Saturday from Gov Brashear promoing the lottery, almost every comment was ripping him a new one. People are wondering how exactly a state that still hasn’t completely paid all the unemployment from last year found a million dollars for this????

    And I wasn’t seeing a lot of left-right extremes in the comments either. People are simply pissed.

    Especially the suckers who’ve already gotten their shots…

  7. From the local (Spokane, Wa. news site today) and the you can’t make this shit up like the left does dept. The following 2 stories, Several hundred people decided to take advantage of some quick money while also celebrating Pride Month in a new event called “Pride, popsicles and pokes” at the Washington cracker Bldg. in Spokane on Saturday. And the even more absurd headline, Poke and tokes: Washington offering free joints as vaccine incentive. These are almost Babylon Bee headlines for crying out loud. Need I say more, the left has completely lost its friggin mind and is rapidly taking us down a bottomless rabbit hole. God is the only one keeping me sane anymore in an ever more increasingly insane world where peoples consciences are so seared they don’t see anything wrong with this and go out of their way and celebrate their perversion and are proud about it. I hate the left, they destroy everything they touch.


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