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NPR is shocked that GOP governors aren’t making it easy for sanctuary cities

American Thinker:

By Andrea Widburg

Since the day Joe Biden entered the Oval Office, America’s southern border has effectively been erased. Millions of broke, uneducated people from all over the world, many of whom have contagious diseases, are illiterate, and are engaged in criminal activities, have been pouring into America. The states most affected are Texas and Arizona. A few months ago, Texas’s governor, Greg Abbott decided to start sending just some of these illegal aliens to D.C., a proud sanctuary city. What started as a gimmick has succeeded better than anyone could have imagined—and an NPR article proves that point.

It’s no secret that millions of illegal aliens are flooding America’s southern border. What conservative media outlets have consistently pointed out is that border communities in Texas and Arizona are being severely damaged by this influx.

Before Uvalde became known for police incompetence and mass murder, it was in the news regularly because of stories about the struggles local residents were having with illegal aliens tromping through their lands. Many of these residents are Hispanic, explaining why Texas border counties are turning Republican. Despite their long-standing ties to the Democrat party, these Texans are not feeling the love as their property is destroyed and their safety is put at risk by Biden’s policies. read more

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  1. Here’s an idea: Toronta and Montreal are sanctuary cities, as are Hamilton, London, and Vancouver. Ottawa is almost there, as are several other major Canadian cities.

    Keep those buses heading North, governors!

  2. Some of these illegals should be shipped to Martha’s Vineyard.
    A developer wanted to build a subsidized housing building in our local snob ridden town of Cape Elizabeth. All the liberals there are always doing fundraising and such for the *gag* “New Mainers”.
    Knowing full well the building would be all subsidized and many immigrants the people of the town got it stopped. Talk about NIMBY.
    So they’re here in my town and crime is up 2000% and the cops have opened a satellite office near the motels they’re being kept in. They’re finding dead bodies in rooms. You know only the “best and brightest” and those “who are only here because they want to work” are in there doing drugs and spreading disease we haven’t seen in decades.

  3. 50+ years ago, when I still lived in California (ugh), some of the most vocal opponents of illegal aliens were Hispanics. Including Caesar Chavez. And yes, the problem is that old.

  4. Drop a few bus loads off in Lansing.
    Make Witchmer live with her support of Mr Potatohead.
    You could even drop some buses off in Dearbornistan. The cultural wonders of that city would make short work of interlopers.

  5. Adams complains they are not being informed of when these ILLEGAL immigrants will arrive? Welcome to the Texas border!!

  6. @beachmom August 8, 2022 at 3:11 pm

    > Some of these illegals should be shipped to Martha’s Vineyard.

    No. When somebody’s dog dumps on your driveway, grabbing a shovel, and tossing it over your neighbor’s fence, doesn’t solve the problem.

    Extending absolute “castle” immunity to your, however meagerly marked, property borders, does. Yes, pædotranny lovers, that will include meter readers. And HOA enforcers. And, if you don’t have the heart to defend your place, you can always thank somebody for cutting it out.

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