NY City: No criminal charges for Muslim firefighter who threatened to kill colleagues

Pamela Geller: Raheem Hassan threatened to kill his colleagues over their “islamophobia,” which, if they really did make remarks about his religious beliefs, only proves their point. But he will not face criminal charges as long as he continues mental health treatment. Authorities persist in classifying Islam and jihad as a mental illness. Why haven’t they been charged with “islamophobia” over this?

“Criminal charges likely to be dropped against firefighter in death threat against comrades,” by Frank Donnelly, SILive.com, February 28, 2018 (thanks to Creeping Sharia):

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Criminal charges against a firefighter who allegedly threatened to “kill” colleagues he claimed had mistreated him over his religious faith will be dropped in six months if he stays out of trouble and continues mental-health treatment.

Raheem Hassan’s case was adjourned in contemplation of dismissal during his appearance Wednesday in Criminal Court.

Hassan, 30, a Staten Island resident, was arrested on Dec. 27 and accused of making a threatening call to his supervising officer at a Dongan Hills home on Dec. 20, said a criminal complaint.

“This is Hassan. I’m going to kill the guys in the firehouse,” the suspect said, according to the complaint.

Hassan worked for the officer for about four years, and the supervisor recognized his voice, the complaint said.  more here

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  1. And does this mean he’s free and clear to purchase a firearm? If I worked at his station, I’d request a transfer or at the very least start carrying a gun.

  2. If I worked at that station he would start having some serious industrial accidents. Clearly we need to start taking matters into our own hands.

  3. “Falling between the cracks” right before their eyes. And when he goes apeshit and starts shooting, they will blame the gun, as usual.

  4. @BB, amen to that, brother. Amen to that.

    “Yeah, I don’t know what happened. He was just sitting there and out of nowhere a hydrant wrench fell on his head… Three times… It was weird.”

  5. What in the world are his fellow firemen doing about it? How can Muslim need supersede the firemen’s union? Seriously, with all the crap going on in this country, in Europe, it is beyond me that people are putting up with it instead of pushing back. I sure as hell would and I’m not generally the pushy type.

    Ooh, should I have said fire’people’s’ union, since it’s in deBlasio land? :/

  6. Kaiser Wilhelm, the big Communist running New York city, is surely smiling right now… and if shooting breaks out he’ll be the one calling the shots, so to speak!

  7. All of the Firemen in that fire house were transferred out as punishment for just the hundred year old tradition of ball breaking. The FDNY is being destroyed by the current Fire Commissioner. Sad.

    My Grandfather joined the FDNY in in 1927. They worked 6 days a week straight… one day off a week back then, and on Sundays my Grandmother, and all the wives, would take the kids by train to the Fire House to spend the day with their fathers. All the wives would cook at home and bring the food on the train. As a side note, thats how the 20 year pensions came about. It was calculated Firemen worked an entire life time of work in just 20 years.

    The day I told my Pop I was retiring from my job, we sat on his porch and I started crying. He told me its okay, I only saw your Grandfather ever cry two times in his life, the day he retired from the Fire Department and the day Nanny died.

  8. NYFD guys I know have to be careful how they handle this motherfucker. It has to be an accident away from the Firehouse. Like he’s fishing, or playing golf, or praying, or jerking off. or something. Just sayin.’

  9. Who the hell is going to want to work with this chip-shouldered lunatic? I pity the poor civilians in trouble if this fire crew has to respond to them. They crew be looking over their shoulders to see if Hassan has decided they too have insulted Islam and this is the time to call them to account. I shouldn’t be surprised I suppose, this is DeBlasio’s and the democrats NYC.

  10. One day years ago, my driver, whose Dad was an NYFD Fire Captain, invited me to lunch at his Dad’s Firehouse in Manhattan. It was great. But I never had my balls broken so bad in my life. They are unrelenting. But the food is great. They are a tough bunch of Mo Fo’s. I can’t understand a humorless fucking muslim among them. Sum ting wong.

  11. For 10 years I worked in an
    Industrial FD. (Bethlehem Steel)
    USWA Union.
    I sometimes worked with guys I
    didn’t particularly like and the feeling was probably mutual
    but I never had one with me who I
    couldn’t depend on when things got
    hairy. If death threats had come
    from anyone the whole shift would
    have refused to work with him.
    The company could can him or
    send him back into the mills
    but that would have been the end
    of him working with us.

  12. I was a firefighter in a large western city. Most time spent on ladder companies. I can’t IMAGINE having someone like this watching my back on searches or venting a roof. I’d be afraid he’d use the irons or K12 he carried on me.

    I wonder what the souls of the brothers lost on 9/11 are thinking.

    Maybe this shitbird ought to find himself a one-way ticket back to Carbombistan.

  13. Judge R B. thousands did and do. They are mostly Trumpers. as are the NYPD and New York Union members who spite their crooked union bosses. Believe me.

  14. What more does it take to realize this is an open war???
    There are only two types of muslims; one that wants to kill you and one that wants you dead.

  15. They insulted Islam by not stopping in the middle of a rescue so he could stick his butt up in the air. Management would never give any other religion this kind of pass for bad behavior. These firemen better take care of this problem themselves, or this animal will kill them. They probably don’t have to do anything overt – he certainly won’t watch their backs and they shouldn’t be expected to watch his.

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