NY Gov. Hochul appoints sex therapist Dr. Ruth as state loneliness ambassador – IOTW Report

NY Gov. Hochul appoints sex therapist Dr. Ruth as state loneliness ambassador

JTN: New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul on Friday announced the appointment of a famous sex therapist to serve as the state’s honorary Ambassador to Loneliness, the first such appointment in the United States.

Born in Weimar Germany, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, 95, survived the Holocaust and went on to become an iconic sex therapist and talk show host. Her appointment means she will “help New Yorkers of all ages address the growing issue of social isolation.” more

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  1. Of course she would appoint that dried out, raspy old, See You Next Tuesday. Progs are programmed by “leaders” like her to spend a lifetime seeking joy and fulfilment in places where it has never been found. Of course, they resent people who they envy and resent, that is the natural state of individuals who buy into Satan/Marx/progressives lies.

  2. This is an integral part of the plan. inculcate the notion that envy is not a cardinal sin, but in fact a cardinal virtue. Stoke the resentment that naturally develops when idiots who buy into that garbage and use their feelings that they have been cheated out of anything others possess. Set those they resent as targets by projecting the victims of their own poor choices onto a totally innocent third party and use that to gain true believers to the Satanist/Marxist/progressive cult.

    They have but one playbook and this particular page is tattered and worn. It is as clear as can be what this is.

  3. I am glad to see a pubic (sp) official concentrate on the important issues regarding their fiefdom and its subjects. What more noble cause could the Governor address that will bring forth monumental change and historic benefit to the people of New York. After this issue is conquered New York will be devoid of any problems whatsoever as politicians there have eliminated all other negative issues in the state.

  4. Just so y’all know, Dr. Ruth was a sniper in the Haganah underground long before she talked about penises, and likely killed a sack of both British and Arab guys before ever she thought about how to make their sex lives more fulfilling…

    “At the age of 16, Dr. Ruth Westheimer moved to Israel and joined an underground Jewish military organization called Haganah, via Snopes. During her time with the group, Westheimer was trained to be a lookout and a sniper. However, she maintains that she never actually shot a person. “When I was in my routine training for the Israeli army as a teenager, they discovered completely by chance that I was a lethal sniper. I could hit the target smack in the center further away than anyone could believe,” she said. “Not just that, even though I was tiny and not even much of an athlete, I was incredibly accurate throwing hand grenades too. Even today I can load a Sten automatic rifle in a single minute, blindfolded.” 

    Read More: https://www.thelist.com/405144/what-you-dont-know-about-dr-ruth/

    …I kind of dig the Haganah’s militia initials, tho, maybe you can see why…

    “During 1936-1939, the years of the Arab Revolt were the years in which the Haganah matured and developed from a militia into a military body. Although the British administration did not officially recognize the organization, the British Security Forces cooperated with it by establishing a civilian militia. In the summer of 1938, Special Night Squads — S.N.S. were established under the command of Captain Orde Wingate.”

    …anyway, don’t assume you know what a person is capable of based on what they look like and what they do now. Dr. Ruth was Dr. Ruthless back in the day, so maybe she’s giving lessons other than see ones to the incredibly vicious Hochul regime and the sex thing is just a smoke screen as we may find out to our regret before too much time has passed…


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