NY: Home Depot Hires Guards with German Shepherd to Deter ‘Aggressive’ Illegal Migrants and Thieves – IOTW Report

NY: Home Depot Hires Guards with German Shepherd to Deter ‘Aggressive’ Illegal Migrants and Thieves

Home Depot is suddenly worried about illegals harassing people and following them to their vehicles?
Not 25 years ago, though. But now?


Breitbart: A Home Depot in New Rochelle, New York, is taking drastic measures to ensure shoppers are safe from “aggressive” migrants and thieves.

The store now has two guards wearing MSA security hats and bulletproof vests patrolling the parking lot, the New York Post said Sunday.

But that is not all. The guards had a German shepherd with them.

One of the guards the Post talked with said the company entered a contract recently. However, he noted that they do not allow the dog to bite anyone and also detailed some of the reasons why they were hired.

“It’s not just because of [migrants], but because of a myriad of other things too, like people breaking into cars, that kind of stuff,” the man explained.

Meanwhile, the Post said there were approximately 30 male migrants hanging out at the doors of a Home Depot in Throggs Neck, the Bronx, recently. Some among the group “aggressively confronted shoppers, trying to sell them phony Apple Airpods or soliciting tips for lifting items from shopping carts into cars — even when uninvited,” the outlet said. MORE

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  1. I lived in New Rochelle for awhile before getting married.
    Another once Beautiful town (Suburb of NYC) ruined by Moonbatery.
    In the 1929’s it was home to many of the Yankees including Ruth and Gehrig, big beautiful stately well maintained homes until the 1980s when a federal Judge ordered them (and Yonkers the adjoining town) to build low income housing.
    Now New Rochelle is essentially two towns the northern end still big beautiful homes (at least when I was there) drive two blocks and it turns into a third word shit hole.

  2. Wasn’t a HD CEO one of the Chamber of Commerce traitors that wants cheap laborers, aka dreamers?

    May the illegal ‘migrants’ be the only shoppers in their stores. I greatly prefer Menards.

  3. What…?

    Problems with the replacement population?

    That didn’t take long…and allowing them to have a voice during a city council meeting?

    Whooowe ain’t we got fun now? 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🎉

  4. In Philadelphia, the illegals are blending in with the Hispanic day-workers who hang out at Lowes and Home Depot at sunrise waiting for contractors to take them to job sites.

    It’s going to be a fun Summer in and around the Cradle of Liberty, sure-as-shootin’.

  5. That security company, MSA is a bunch of money hungry scumbags. I had the opportunity to work for them as a K-9 Handler. Once I found out how the dogs are treated, I said fuck that. You are not allowed to feed your partner (dog) at home. The dog is supposed to be fed throughout the day by hand during training sessions. The dogs I see throughout NYC from that company are mostly rib-thin.

    If that isn’t shitty enough, they also have the teams work 16rs per day, totally abusive to the animal. Company was run really well when the retired NYPD guys were running the show but unfortunately, they sold to civilians that are complete jerkoffs.

  6. Anonymous
    MONDAY, 22 APRIL 2024, 0:29 AT 12:29 AM

    “I greatly prefer Menards.”

    …I used to like Menards, but in my patch they were the first to get on the mask bandwagon, and the first to get on the vaxxx bandwagon.

    I don’t have to be told twice that I can’t shop in your store.

    I’ve never been back since.

  7. I remember working (1990s) in Albany NY and the security at the front door always escorted people to the parking garage across the street from the office building at night. Now they must have to be armed and 3 or 4 of them required because of the border up tick. Nice job president Slappy Biden keeping us safe with more local armed security required 24/7.

  8. To Anon-You may have your own opinions, but not your own facts. Abbott & DeSantis shipped a few busloads of illegals to some sanctuary cities amounting to less than 10% of the total. The other 90%+ were shipped in by Biden & Mayorkas, mostly in the middle of the night.


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