NY Museum Of Climate Change

WUWT– Remember back in the boring old days, when science museums contained meticulously researched information about the distant past, such as the age of the dinosaurs, interesting mineral exhibits, or educational demonstrations of scientific principles?


All that is about to change, with the planned construction of New York’s new climate change museum – a museum dedicated to fantasy theories about things which might happen, if we accept the predictions of climate models, which have yet to demonstrate any predictive skill whatsoever.  MORE


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  1. The sthoopid idiots. In the 70’s they were predicting an ice age. Then they started predicting warming. Now it looks like they might have been right the first time. They have no idea what the weather is going to be, but dammit we need to be saved from it.

  2. One day we to can have a special museum dedicated exclusively to liberal fools and their belief systems.

  3. Hey, we’ll trade you! Cincinnati has the failing National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, which I guess is getting some visits this week because it’s the weekend of the
    BLACK FAMILY REUNION! Everybody Welcome . . . right.

  4. Climate Change is the Alchemy of our time, except the purveyors of of this scam have turned a worthless element into gold.

  5. Snake Oil? Piltdown Man? Phrenology? They are just
    as worthy of a museum! Donate lots of money to me
    and I will build each a monument worthy of their value.
    Then after I spent $3 for 3 shoeboxes and magic marker
    to write their names on it; I will spend the rest on my
    “Non-profit” self. Isn’t that what the AGW crowd does?

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