NYC Municipal Workers March Against Vaccine Mandate

PJM: Thousands of New York City municipal workers held a rally and marched over the Brooklyn Bridge on Monday in protest of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new COVID vaccine mandate.

On Wednesday, Oct. 20, de Blasio announced that all city workers must receive at least one shot by Nov. 1 or go on unpaid leave until they complied. The only exception was granted to Corrections Officers, who have until Dec. 1 to get their first shot, due to staffing shortages and chronically poor working conditions.

The protestors carried handmade signs that read “We’re Not Going to Take It,” My Body, My Choice,” and “We Tested Positive for Freedom.” A large banner, adorned with the logos of nine city agencies, read, “Workers Are Essential. Mandates Are Not.” American flags were in abundance.

Chants included “We Will Not Comply,” “USA,” “Let Us Work,” “Freedom Over Fear,” and, of course, the popular “Let’s Go Brandon” refrain.

“Now, [after] working after countless of emergencies—Hurricane Sandy, the snowstorms—I am under threat. We are under threat of losing our livelihood for simply retaining the choice of protecting our bodies,” said firefighter Sofia Medina. MORE HERE

4 Comments on NYC Municipal Workers March Against Vaccine Mandate

  1. In other words, “Hey Joe, can you wait until after the holidays during which time we need people but we can then fire them afterwards for non compliance and we won’t be on the hook for unemployment insurance? Then when we need people we can hired unvaxed illegal aliens for less money.”

  2. Surely, this made it onto the local news in NYC. The battle lines will be drawn up in key cities since the Democrats have already lost most burbs and counties.

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