NYC pays this fireman $125K a year to do absolutely nothing

arnaldo rodriguez fdny

NYP: The father of two said his saga began 13 years after he joined the FDNY as an EMT. In July 2013, he became a “priority hire” — promoted to firefighter as part of the department’s settlement of a federal racial-discrimination lawsuit.  MORE

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  1. It’s stories like this, and the rubber rooms for teachers that can’t be fired, that make you wish average citizens could sue elected officials for WASTING their tax money.

  2. In 2006, he became a “priority hire” — promoted to President as part of the country’s settlement of a federal racial-discrimination.

    The promotion was supposed to automatically make him President with seniority since he was a Black litigant. It would have net him about $400,000 annually, or $335,000 more than he made as Community Organizer.

    But four days after he entered the Presidency, he was told to report for a hearing while on vacation in Hawaii.

    When he showed up, he was asked for his cellphone number and told he no longer had to show up as commander in chief.

    He said he asked why and where he should show up instead and was told: “You work for us. We don’t work for you. We’ll call you — don’t call us.”

    He has yet to be fully assigned as President and conducts his business purely with a cell phone and a pen.

  3. I always thought I was pretty damn tough. I watched a friend of mine,a fireman, walk into
    a burning building. Just to make sure it was empty. It was.
    He jumped thru a first floor window to get back out.
    I could never do that.
    not for any amount of money.

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