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NYC sees 69 percent spike in snake complaints

NYP: New York City slickers are getting rattled.

The 311 hotline saw a 69% s-s-s-urge this year in complaints against snakes and their slippery owners, with 22 cases, up from 13 in 2021. Seven of the “coils” were logged in Manhattan and the Bronx each, followed by six in Brooklyn and one apiece in Queens and Staten Island, the data show. None of the Gotham gripes involved snakes on a train.

In the Bronx, a vexing viper was said to have slithered into a residence on Park Avenue and East 172nd Street in Claremont shortly before noon on Feb. 17. On March 17 a caller hissed to 311 that a serpent was being housed in a dwelling on Clinton Street and Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. The claim could not be substantiated.

The 311 data does not provide specifics, so it’s impossible to know if a venomous caller ratted out a neighbor for keeping a cobra or a neighbor went ballistic over a boa.

All vipers, cobras, pythons (including ball pythons, one of the most popular pets among snake owners in the state) and anacondas are banned in the city. Slitherers like king snakes, corn snakes and milk snakes, are welcome in the Gotham jungle, according to the city regs.

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  1. Tony R DECEMBER 25, 2022 AT 10:13 AM

    Depends, the ones with fangs and venom can give you something that could last you the rest of your shortened life. And who doesn’t love to cuttle and get a great big hug from one of the constrictors?

    Always had an unreasonable fear of snakes validated for me in southern IL.

  2. Snakes are notorious escape artists. Something most owners don’t think about, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the snake is. They are waiting, all their lives if need be, for you to make a mistake or get lazy.


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