NYC teacher taunted and injured by class of Dindu Nuffins

SUIT: Student bullies targeted teacher with racist taunts, violence while officials fiddled

EAG: NEW YORK – New York City middle school teacher Kathy Perez was taunted and trampled by her students, shoved to the floor and threatened with violence repeatedly, according to her lawsuit against the city.

In one case, a student stood on table and “pretended to hump his backpack” while telling Perez “you know you want to drop your pants. I’m gonna give it to you hard,” the New York Post quoted from the suit.

“One girl sprayed perfume in Perez’s face. The same girl taped sanitary pads colored with red markers around the room, shouting at Perez: ‘Nobody wants to see your nasty period on the wall, dumbass!’” according to the news site.

The incidents are among numerous episodes of outrageous behavior from students at Catherine Count  Basie Middle School in Queens that Perez claims her superiors did virtually nothing about, leading to injuries including five herniated discs in her back, two in her neck, and a torn meniscus.  MORE

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  1. This incident should be brought up repeatedly when certain minorities complain that they can’t get decent teachers in their schools.

  2. Mr. Dindu would be humping himself to get home to mama if he was in my old high school
    Mr. Barron the ex Green Beret Graphics Art Teacher would have taken his ass into the darkroom, just like he did with that huge bastard who was huffing acetone. We heard a few bumps and a crying, docile, douchenozzle apologized to the class for the disruption.


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