NYC to release ‘worst kind of criminals’ from Rikers Island early over staff shortage – IOTW Report

NYC to release ‘worst kind of criminals’ from Rikers Island early over staff shortage

Well, former governor Cuomo is already on the loose, so…

LET: NEW YORK CITY, NY – Last year, Mayor Bill De Blasio released scores of prisoners from Rikers Island while blaming the pandemic. This month, he plans to release dozens more of the “worst kind of criminals” because of a shortage of guards.

The second batch of early-release prisoners was supposed to begin on Thursday but has been delayed because of the widespread destruction brought on by Hurricane Ida, according to unnamed law enforcement sources who spoke with the New York Post.

One source said de Blasio would use any excuse to release prisoners from Riker’s Island, the infamous jail de Blasio vowed to close by 2026:

“(Mayor Bill de Blasio])wants to close Rikers and he will use any opportunity to release the prisoners. He is leaving in three-plus months, and he wants to release as many prisoners as he can.”

The new batch of prisoners to be released follows the release of more than 1,500 last year reportedly due to the coronavirus outbreak. The first release lowered the number of prisoners housed in Riker’s to 4,363, the lowest level in 70  years.

The population did not remain low, however, and grew to 5,730 by July, according to Department of Criminal Justice Services data.  Increases in shootings and serious assaults was cited as a contributing factor for the rise. read more

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  1. Noo Yawk residents need to be at the gates to..ummm…. “meet and greet”….yeah, that’s it, “meet and greet” these newly released convicts. ‘Course, HOW they greet them after they meet them is up to them, ya’know’wad’I’mean?

  2. How did we arrive at the place where mayors can simply release any monsters he or she wants to with impunity?

    Is this part of the new normal? Are we sacrificing our children to this experiment?

  3. Gotta build up the foot soldiers.
    Probably sign contracts for indentured servitude to the Swamp.
    Some how rising crime rates and releasing criminals, just does sound like a good idea.

  4. Thank G~D I am out of there.

    @ ::::: My guess is these are inmates sentenced to Rikers

    Used to be most of Rikers were awaiting trial with the virtual end of the bail system now probably a majority are sentenced doing 2 years or less.

    the 4,363, # staggers my mind the jail I worked in c-76 (then known as CIFM now EMTC and closed) was one of 16 jails on the Island. When I started in 1990 typical count was about 3500 in C-76 22000 Island wide. By the time I retired, because of court orders and new jails built, the C-76 count was about 2000 and Island wide count was on average about 15000.

    While it was common especially in the early 90’s to work double shifts, In 20 years that I worked there I worked only 4 triple shifts: 2 were Hospital runs, 1 was the blizzard 91 and 1 was staff shortage/control room captain not knowing what the hell she was doing.
    I Can’t understand how there are so many officers working triple shift after triple shift when half the jails are closed and there are only 4 to 5 thousand inmates.

  5. It’s all part of the plan. Collapse the establishment and rebuild a communist utopia. When they hit the 100,000,000 dead tally the true believers will say “we must try harder”.

    I plan on either stopping it before it starts or go down epically or like in that Emmerson, Lake & Palmer song where the guy just lays down and dies because no one heard him cry out in the chaos of battle. Either way I would not want to live to see the day they are pushing for. I prefer the story ends with “and we won” but that remains to be seen.

  6. …the ‘worst kind of criminals’ are in Congess, the Supreme Court, and the White House.

    Those Riker’s Island guys would be a complete nonissue were it not for THEM…


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