NYPD and firefighters brawl at charity football game

ny fd and pd fight at charity game

A FDNY And NYPD Charity Football Game Ended With An Intense, Bloody Brawl.

Yahoo: The ‘Fun City Bowl’ is an annual charity football game held in Coney Island between New York City’s police department and its fire department. It’s supposed to be an event that brings the city’s first responders together for a competitive game to raise money for a good cause, but this year’s contest apparently got too competitive and turned out to be neither department’s finest hour.  MORE

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  1. Half our football games ended in a brawl when I was a kid in high school.
    Hell that’s half the fun. Kicking ass and taking names.
    We were all farm kids.

  2. Same shit happens at their charity hockey games. Big whoop. They play. They fight. Games over and all is good. They go do their jobs the next day.

  3. Competition between fire departments (not the vols) and police departments can be rather sharp at times, especially during contract negotiations. As the old cop adage goes, “If you want everyone to love you, join the fire department.”

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