NYT Reveals Source On Kavanaugh Allegations Was Reputable Nigerian Prince

Babylon Bee is on the case! 🤣

NEW YORK, NY—Many people criticized the New York Times’ recent piece bringing to light new and recycled Brett Kavanaugh allegations, especially after the website issued a disclaimer admitting basically nobody remembered the alleged incident. 

But the Times is standing by its story, going so far as to reveal its source: a reputable Nigerian prince who emailed the investigative reporters offering information in exchange for funds to be wired via MoneyGram.

“The Nigerian prince contacted us and said he had dirt on Kavanaugh, and who were we to question his story?” said Kate Kelly, one of the reporters who worked on the piece and new book on Kavanaugh. “Who  do we look like, Dick Tracy? If Nigerian royalty contacts you asking for a million dollars and promises you information on Kavanaugh, you have to act on that kind of lead.”

The Times reproduced the email the Nigerian prince sent them:

h/t Aunt Liz.

13 Comments on NYT Reveals Source On Kavanaugh Allegations Was Reputable Nigerian Prince

  1. What actually kills Me…Is that when I share a Bee Story on FB

    FB posts two stories below saying that it’s not true….

  2. Excellent. The Times writers, would, in reality, believe anything from a turd world scoundrel and con man.

    From one scoundrel to another.

  3. It’s getting harder and harder to parody the self parodying left. They are already so ridiculous that ridicule has become almost pointless.

  4. So if I was to send an E-Mail to the Slimes Editors telling them that I had video of Trump telling some floozy the get naked and lie on the floor, could I get their bank account numbers?

  5. Nigerian? Hey I think I know that guy. Tried to pull a scam about me having some money, and all I had to do was give him my account number for the deposit.
    Or I could be mistaken.😏

  6. Maybe Facebook will also flag their post about Esau selling his birthright for a Chick Fil A sandwich, not soup as originally reported.

  7. Wambam, you, too?

    He needed me to send him money so he could get his vast treasure out of his country. He was going to come to the US and we were going to be married.

    Crap. Wonder if I can stop payment on my check? 😳


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