Obama machine getting nervous about Facebook’s response to Cambridge Analytica

American Thinker; Cass Sunstein, a former White House adviser in the Obama administration (and husband of Samantha Power), is warning Democrats “not to overreact” to the news about Cambridge Analytica’s supposed spying on Americans via Facebook and Facebook’s effort to clamp down on usage of the data from the people who buy it from them.  In a column in Bloomberg, Sunstein writes:

The horrendous actions by Cambridge Analytica, a voter profiling company, and Aleksander Kogan, a Russian-American researcher, raise serious questions about privacy, social media, democracy and fraud.

Amidst the justified furor, one temptation should be firmly resisted: for public and private institutions to lock their data down, blocking researchers and developers from providing the many benefits that it promises – for health, safety, and democracy itself.

He adds:

But let’s not overreact.  Authorized use of that data can do a great deal of good.

He cites other apps that spy on Americans that can improve health care and income inequality, as well as observe congressional behavior as arguments to not shut all of the data-mining down. These are red flags all by themselves, since we all know how Democrats use health care data and what their solutions are to income inequality. But never mind that.

Obviously, as a far-left Democrat operative in the Obama inner circle, Sunstein’s argument to not overreact, plus his involvement in Facebook as an adviser, which he discloses at the bottom of his piece, suggests strongly that Democrats have a stake in the spying on voters, too.  As they see Cambridge Analytica get sanctioned over all the hypocritical outcry, they know that their ox is up to get gored.  And they are feeling flop sweat, given their long history of manipulating social media data.   more

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  1. Obama and Sunstein and their cohorts would never have been caught at anything had Hillary been elected.
    And now Zuckerberg is saying he thinks social media should be regulated by the government.
    Then it will be just a short hop to regulating speech. Then thought crimes.
    Then on to their sacred net neutrality government control.

  2. Every day is a nail hammered home in their coffins. Zuck visited preezy how many times in the White House? 400+? They practically gave the DNC the keys to the kingdom. Data kings, right Maxine?

    This has got to be the longest arrogance meets stupidity show going.

  3. I won’t participate in any data mining operation designed to covertly manipulate people into doing things I want. No, I will just overtly demand that people do what I want under penalty of being jailed or exiled or worse. My word is law, and I have a phone and a pen, and you will do what I say, say what I allow you to say, and think correctly or else. Bwaaahahaha.

    [Note to editor: Delete this because while accurate, it may cost me votes. Just put in “Wyatt For President” and “It’s For The Children” and we’re good.]

  4. @Hambone March 22, 2018 at 11:05 am

    > Sunstein is a vile person who hates America.

    Oh, Hambone, that is so unfair. He loves America. He just hates Americans.

  5. Now may be the time for some entrepreneur to start a rival to Facebook with a view to living off the ad revenue and not data sales. Drop a hundred million or two into building the infrastructure and another couple of hundred million into the code and marketing and Facebook could be out of business almost overnight. If it’s done right (and they resist Zuckerberg trying to buy them and bury the app) then when people start to transition the race to dump stock will become a frenzy.

  6. Maybe he’ll go back to Kenya yet! Do we have an extradition agreement with Kenya? If we hafta leave him there… wellllll… shucks. 😉


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