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Obama meets with Clockmed, keeps it low key


clockmed and obama

BigGovernment: In spite of the hubbub surrounding the appearance of “clock kid” Ahmed Mohamed at the White House, President Obama didn’t make him the center of attention during an event that was squarely focused on astronomy.

The president made brief remarks at the White House’s “Astronomy Night” before peering through a telescope and visiting briefly with a few of the attendees.

“We have to encourage those glimmers of curiosity,” Obama said during his remarks which highlighted the scientific curiosities of children around the country, but he did not refer to Mohamed’s experience.

According to the White House press pool, Ahmed Mohamed was in the third row of the audience.

White House reporters confirmed on Twitter that he spoke with Obama briefly as he shook the president’s hand.  more

23 Comments on Obama meets with Clockmed, keeps it low key

  1. What a joke we have as President. Never in my life could I have imagined this idiocy. I would swear that he goes upstairs to the president’s quarters in the WH after another one of these thumb in your eye events and sits there and fucking gloats.


  2. yeah, the manufacturer of the clock made it, he just tore it apart and stuffed it in a pencil box.

    Good illustration of muzzloid ingenuity. Take something nice, tear it up, make it scary, and claim greatness.

  3. Can someone please explain to me why ClockMed was invited to an event focused on astronomy? Or is this yet another example of how progressives don’t understand science?

  4. Is that fence still up around the white house keeping people out? How come all the loving illegals weren’t invited?

  5. I suspect the reason Obama kept his distance is because he’d been informed that the kid’s story was falling apart.

  6. I’m more inclined to believe it was because Clockmed rubbed up to that tyrant al-Bashir.
    Now that could turn into a nightmare, even Muslims hate crazy al-Bashir.

  7. Suuuuure. Lowkey. With hundreds, if not thousands, of scum sucking bottom feeding sycophant “journalists” crowding around, recording every microsecond of this non-event.

    Oh, for a long range weapon. Such a cluster of TOOs (Targets Of Opportunity).

  8. Anybody else wondering if the kid got further training on how to complete his IED, I mean clock when he went to jihad land?

  9. Even some of the middle east news outlets have been calling the “clock” a bomb hoax device. Getting pretty hard for that big-eared faggot to cover up the truth. Could be his crush on Ahmed is not so strong anymore.

  10. Yes, what a coincidence that it was a crescent moon, the symbol of Islam. If you believe anything Obama does is merely coincidental.

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