Obama: Putin’s not challenging my leadership in Syria, and besides, I’m ‘leading on climate change’

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If you were worried that your President was a feckless foreign policy failure who was being outplayed by an old Soviet hardliner, think again.  Obama’s international “leadership” remains unchallenged – at least in Obama’s own mind – and he’s actually at the vanguard of the only foreign policy issue that really matters.  It’s not ISIS, it’s not trade, and it’s not the Iran nuke deal.

If Obama is to be believed, Putin is acting out of weakness, and his “definition of leadership” rests on his holy crusade against unspecified varieties of “climate change.”


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  1. It’s called “Gutless Leadership”. No chance of getting a bloody nose from Putin, China or ISIS leading the charge on BSAGW. The Republicans are not going to stand up to him, so its an easy challenge where he stands little chance of getting embarrassed by anybody except himself.

    Which on that I base I high percentage chance of happening.

  2. Face it. We have crackpots leading Westing civilization. The rag heads may be psychopathic fucks, but at least their leadership has critical thinking skill. We’ve got absolutely brain dead cunts running the US now. We are headed to WWIII because large scale war is what happens when “peace” under insane conditions is the price of no war. Everyone wants to blow out the pipes.

  3. Barky needs a moment…

    “…generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth”

    …and there’s only one moment left up there which he can’t possibly screw up, because it’s imaginary.

  4. Apparently Mr Ozero is unaware that hydrogen bombs can release a lot of greenhouse gasses. But please don’t tell him. We don’t want to give him any more excuses to unilaterally disarm us.

  5. Old Obunghole is ensconced securely in his own little made up world in which he is both the superhero and saviour of the planet! Since he is literally insane nothing said or done will dissuade him from that fantasy!

  6. Hanging his legacy on false premises, on faked data, on natural events since the beginning of Earth, and still this demented intellectual dwarf keeps on blabbing…… its apparent that whatever disease is working on his body has hit his brain….declare him incompetent and remove him….

  7. Globaloney Warming – an obvious, patent hoax.

    And this fool thinks he’s “leading” on it?

    Leading what, where?

    It’s a hoax you stupid fucking twatwaffle!

  8. Bad_Brad, Russian to english roughly translates to “Get Ready: Uncle Volodya is Strong!” My daughter told me that. I’m not that smart.

  9. He’s a real nowhere man
    Sitting in his nowhere land
    Making all his nowhere plans for nobody

    Doesn’t have a point of view
    Knows not where he’s going to
    Isn’t he a bit like Adolph and Joe?
    Nowhere man won’t listen
    You don’t know what you’re missing
    Nowhere man, The world is laughing at you.

    He’s as blind as he can be
    Just sees what he wants to see
    Nowhere man, can you see me at all
    Nowhere man don’t worry
    Take your time, don’t hurry
    Leave it all till somebody else

    Courtesy of the Beatles….Describes Obama perfrectly.

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