Obama Surrenders on His Largest Obamnesty Program Covering 5 Million

RedStatements- The Obama administration sent out the word to their minions in the tamestream press this week that the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals misread the law and that’s why they upheld the injunction against Obama’s largest amnesty program which would have given work permits and Social Security cards to almost 5 million illegal aliens.  But despite their insistence that the Fifth Circuit Court got it wrong, they have decided not to appeal it to the Supreme Court, ostensibly because they want to concentrate on the merits of the program.

I call bullshit.  Obama is just trying to save himself a heap of embarrassment.  Obviously, neither Judge Haren nor the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will rule in his favor and the main case will have to go to the Supreme Court or be forgotten about altogether. More



6 Comments on Obama Surrenders on His Largest Obamnesty Program Covering 5 Million

  1. Sure. He’s “surrendering.” Sorry, but I’m not naive enough to believe that Barack Obama will simply obey a court order. He didn’t after the BP oil spill; he won’t now. I guarantee you they are noodling out ways to proceed unmolested despite the judge’s stay.

  2. Like a true narcissist, the problem is with everyone else, and in this case, not with Teh Chosen Won.

    Now angry, petulant and aggrieved, look at 0bama to do something really pissy, like play 64 holes of golf. Or tax ammunition. Or turn the Lincoln Memorial into a bath house.

  3. Hey, no problem.

    When I don’t pay for my ObamaCare fine I’ll just claim I misread and misinterpreted the unconstitutional law.


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