June 2015 – IOTW Report


June 30, 2015 BFH 24

Michelle and Barack host fifty Girl Scouts for camp-out on the White House lawn Michelle looks like she’s eating a lot of the “unhealthy” smores.

Chocolate Star-crossed

June 30, 2015 BFH 30

Michael Sam and fiance Vito Cammisano reportedly calling it quits just SIX MONTHS after getting engaged  Football star Michael Sam and his college sweetheart Vito Cammisano may have called it [Read More]

For the Ladies

June 30, 2015 BFH 69

See this lady? She appears in some of those Buzzfeed type ads you see all over the place. She’s a beauty. The reason I’m posting is because every time I [Read More]

FLOTUS Issues Threat

June 30, 2015 Cardigan 21

PatriotRetort: According to the UK Daily Mail, Michelle Obama is threatening to terrorize the world with more global appearances of Her Royal Loudness.

The Eyes Have It

June 30, 2015 BFH 10

See if you can identify these politicians by their eyes. I predict good scores, but no one will get 12 for 12. You’re on the honor system. Report your scores. [Read More]

The Eyes Have It Answers

June 30, 2015 BFH 18

RFK Ted Kennedy Chuck Schumer Dwight D. Eisenhower Michele Bachmann Dan Quayle Ahnold Christine O’Donnell Spiro Agnew Harry S Truman Jimmy Carter Scott Walker

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