For the Ladies

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See this lady?

She appears in some of those Buzzfeed type ads you see all over the place.

She’s a beauty.

The reason I’m posting is because every time I tell a woman of this vintage that they should consider letting their hair go white they look at me like I’m out of my mind.

What’s wrong with this? I think she looks great.

Guys?  Am I nuts?

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  1. No. I am fortunate to know two women who not only have let their hair go naturally light gray but also wear it long. It looks terrifically good.

    Perhaps a good fotochop might help them decide?

  2. Yes, she looks great. But women who color their hair also look great. What doesn’t look great? Women injecting their face to look like some kind of freakish Duckbilled Stephen Tyler.

  3. Ladies –
    Don’t try to hide your natural self. By obsessing on changing your looks you start to dislike who you really are. For some people this evolves to self hate. I believe this is what leads people (men and women) to do things like botox and devastating facial surgery…to do anything to not look like who they have grown to hate.
    I am not saying to not do anything, but do little things to accent who you really are.

  4. PJ-
    You might be the cover of the Gals of iOTWreport calendar.
    (It’s my Christmas idea to make mountains of casheesh.)

  5. “I like my women short,
    I like my women tall,
    and that’s about the only thing I really dig at all…”

    “Beat Generation” by The Beat Farmers

    RIP Country Dick Montana

  6. ‘Scuse me but I got a hankering to see a Bad Brad centerfold. Maybe a Mr. Pinko. Throw in AWD and Scooter Van Neuter and I’ll buy 2 dozen.

  7. There was once a girl in college, early on, we were 19. She was a smokin blonde who played hard to get. Once the goods were finally revealed it was all down hill from there. She was silver from bellybutton to asshole. I just…couldn’t.

  8. My late wife’s hair started to go white when she was in her twenties. She had very long beautiful hair and wore it gracefully as she got into her 50’s. I miss her a lot, she was a gorgeous lady.

  9. BTW the hair color is not as important as how close her boobs are to her knees.

    FreeDaughter has white hair, and she is 24.

  10. She is a beauty! I like women that have no fear of what they really are. Thin, thick, grey or wrinkly. Beauty is in the soul…you can’t change that. That comes first in my book.

  11. and I think I should add that I think Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the hottest chicks on this planet.

    and to dis the race baiters, Halley Berry is a dang close second.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  12. truthfully, is it the hair, or is it just the natural beauty. i don’t care how old she is those eyes are what counts.

  13. She’s a natural. Her complexion is perfect. Imagine that hair on Nancy Pelosi. Not doing anything for me.

    Eugenia, I’m not exactly an underwear model anymore if you know what I mean.

  14. It’s all about how beautiful your face is. This woman is very beautiful.

    I think Hillary should try white hair…you know, compete with Bernie Sanders…

  15. So sorry for your loss. From your comment I can tell you loved her immensely and she was a beautiful woman — inside and out!

  16. Tried this comment before. If it’s a duplicate, I apologize.

    I get highlights once a year because I don’t have enough gray to go full force — just enough to make my blonde hair dull and mousey.

    When I get to the point of being totally gray, I’ll go with it.

    My 85 year old mom has the most gorgeous pure white hair!

  17. My Mom had beautiful white hair! I always loved it and hoped mine would be that color.
    Well my older and younger brothers got her hair. Figures!

  18. She’s pretty and that color works for her.
    But, you have to consider a person’s skin tone and their eyebrow color (not just vanity). I am covered in white hair at the crown but no where else, and it just doesn’t work with my coloring, so I dye it to blend it into my natural hair.
    I would LOVE to quit dying my hair, but it ain’t gonna happen. lol.

  19. That’s what I’m thinking. You know the problem with older attractive women? They’ve heard all my weak shit before. It’s not fair I tell ya.

  20. I dyed my grandmother’s hair until she was about 85. She stopped wanting it dyed at that time. She quickly started thinking old. She died at 102. I dyed my mom’s hair till she was about 75. She decided to stop having me dye her hair. She quickly grew old and unfortunately lost her sense of humor.

    My natural color is kind of like an old rodent. Light brown and gray so I hit it with dishwater blond and it blends out. Will I stop dyeing? Only in the summer with a tan. I fear that I will grow old in my mind if I see all gray and no tan, and now, I fear the old rodent look. 🙂

  21. My wife’s Great Aunt passed a couple of years ago at age 98, and up until three days before her death, she visited the beautician to have her hair done. She never had so much as a gray hair show on her head, and at her funeral mass she looked great with her do done up, jet black like it had been all her life.

  22. I courted a girl once.
    I asked her to marry me
    She said no
    So I joined the Army
    Got shot up
    Lost my hearing
    Became an Alcoholic (still am)
    Went on welfare
    Got locked up a few times.
    Got my ass kicked many times

    Fuckin’ Cunt.

  23. Tommy, you got a be an ex marine because I’ve heard MARSOP guys say almost identical shit which I always find funny. Now go hug your wife you lying POS you.

  24. My 88 yo mom is salt & pepper (black with streaks of beautiful silver). But I got my dad’s grey temples and crown. The rest is dark brown w/red highlights. It’s the Native American/Irish combination.

    Color my hair about once every-other year just for fun. Let it go back to natural – I don’t care as long as it’s clean and quaffed.

  25. Yes Brad. That’s what would happen to most of us were it not for the missus. LOL Bro
    BTW That lady looks like Megan Kelly (FOX) twenty years from now.

  26. Hey Tommy. I’ve shot carbines with Rangers and a couple SEALS. Most talented guy I’ve ever seen behind a carbine was an older MARSOP guy that served like 7 tours in the big sand box and his specialty was clearing buildings in residential areas. The dude was scarey good and had PTS up the ass. No shit I quit shooting with him. I just hope he’s not one of the 22 one of these days.

  27. ” That lady looks like Megan Kelly”. Tommy, You are brilliant. I should have noticed that. P.S. Don’t fly that damn rebel flag where you live.

  28. Brad I live 40 miles North of the Gun Free Zone, in a Gun Zone. That flag is going up, if only for a day. The neighbors seem OK, there may be a dick in there but I’ll find out. Happy 4th.

  29. Tommy I inherited this worry wart thing from my Iowa farm girl mother, God Rest Her Soul. I got this alarm shit going off. Your neighbors may be cool, but I seriously doubt if they will show up to defend you. If I had the money I’d fly out. What ever you decide to do bro. Just think about your bride. I’d pray for you but according to the Pope I’m no longer a Christian.

  30. Grandma looks lovely and gracious, but I prefer the ravaging seventeen to twenty-year-old brunettes and jet-black haired ladies at the local grocery. I shop there often. Almost everyday. Sometimes twice a day.

  31. You said it Wille. I’m reading from the bottom up after I posted the same nominee. Love her music and her looks and personality. And her beautiful white hair.

  32. That’s true. My mother’s hair turned an extremely unattractive yellow-gray. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a high-maintenance woman, but that would have rattled even my cage. Mom used wigs, dye, and Nestle’s Streaks ‘n’ Tips hair spray to fool everyone. I don’t blame her.

    My hair is perfect. After it grew back following chemotherapy, it was a light brown base with champagne blond and silver streaks. It also grew back curly. I am sporting a $300 salon look for free. People ask me who did my hair. I tell them, “Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn” LOL.

  33. I got on a public bus one day and a few stops later this lady gets on the bus too. She was stunning. She was probably about 45 or so with almost pure white short cut hair. I couldn’t take my eyes of her. Ever since then I’ve loved older ladies with silver white hair. This lady is a beauty.

  34. Moral of the Story: The next time you stop dyeing someone’s hair, take away all their mirrors.


  35. I think she’s a babe. Still want to see the rest of her to make a complete and final decision regarding this. Any chance?

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