Chocolate Star-crossed

Michael Sam and fiance Vito Cammisano reportedly calling it quits just SIX MONTHS after getting engaged 

Football star Michael Sam and his college sweetheart Vito Cammisano may have called it quits just six months after getting engaged in romantic moment atop St. Peter’s Basilic

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  1. True “love” puctuated with a short period and a couple of well-worn colons.
    Gosh Wally, celebrate perversity!
    Odds are one of ’em will change their plumbing to stay in the limelight?
    We’re talkin real odds here…

  2. Good. Set them as an example being a fag was so pre-June 2015. The freak machine needs a little more gas to churn out a new crowd.

  3. I wonder if this is why he walked away from his Canadian team? The timing is suspicious…..koinkydink???

  4. It was all for drama. They purposely got caught up in all the stupid, and Sam is a drama queen.

  5. Because they never intended to get “married.” This was a farce. Queers don’t want to get “married,” they want attention. This is why the court’s ruling won’t shut them up.

  6. Now I’m so sad … two lonely perverts searching for “love” … in bus station men’s rooms, gas station men’s rooms, airport men’s rooms, Wal-Mart men’s rooms … elementary schools, junior high schools, nursery schools …

    Geez, I’m making myself sick …

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