Chelsea the ‘Discount Clinton’

chelsea clinton


At ONLY $65,000 for a 10 minute speech, Chelsea the ‘Discount Clinton’ is the choice of fiscally responsible colleges.


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  1. Her speech will be on one of two topics –
    My life with Howdy, Dilly Dally, Mayor Phineas T. Bluster and Buffalo Bill…
    err wait.. wuz that Bob?
    (I can never remember)

    The other is a dissertation on Purina…

  2. Isn’t she pregnant?
    Imagine what her spawn will look like…

    PS – Chelsea, don’t follow the advice I gave the ladies in the other post below.

  3. @eternal cracker p –
    Yup I always thought she looked like Helen Black…
    and Helen Green, Helen Gold, Helen Chartreuse, Helen Tweed, Helen Searsucker… …

  4. What college student other than a “Watter’s World” idiot would want to listen to her? What has she accomplished? I remember listening to William F. Buckley many years ago at a College in New Jersey for free. Maybe a $10.00 registration fee. But it was a great 45 minutes, great Q& A and a wonderful chat chat afterwords. Students today are fucked up. And their parents, footing the bill, are worse.

  5. She should never be elected to anything. Her parents have trained her in dishonesty from day one. What a pathetic threesome.

  6. How much for a photo with her? I’m sure it will take the blue ribbon in the Ugly Dog Contest.

  7. i’m sorry but what on Gods green earth makes anyone think this empty headed blond bimbo has anything important to say besides old Alfred e neumans line, “what me worry”? and to be paid 65k for nothing. no wonder all her contemporaries think fast food workers should be ,making 15 bucks an hour if people are paying this idiot that much for a stupid empty speech of how hard she has worked in her tiny life.

  8. Children of politicians need to accomplish something other than being children of politicians, or just, go away.

  9. What could she possibly yammer about worth $65,000?

    Was it some sort of fund-raiser where the school raised substantially more than $65,000 to justify this largesse?

    I really don’t understand such foolishness.

  10. Half the graft, corruption, and lies for half the price at half the age.

    Accomplishments of her mom…criminal malfeasance leading to the sacking of our embassy and the deaths of four Americans, disbarred, um, that’s about it.

    Accomplishments of her child…she went to college and will now do expensive commencement speeches because of…her mom.

    Can we just say no to this turd family. Come on people, we have over 300 million legal citizens and this is what is considered for the ballot?

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