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There Ain’t No Such Thing As Free Additional Overtime Pay


CAFE HAYEK- Here’s a letter to the Washington, DC- based WTOP Radio:

In your report this morning on Pres. Obama’s proposal to force employers to expand the number of employees who are eligible for overtime pay, you featured a clip of a law professor proclaiming that such intervention is made necessary by employees’ alleged lack of bargaining power.

This law professor is a poor economist.

If workers in fact have no bargaining power, then firms will respond to the president’s mandate by demanding from workers fully offsetting concessions such as lower base pay, fewer fringe benefits, or more difficult job duties.  Without bargaining power, workers cannot refuse these offsetting demands.  Therefore, the mandate, by causing the mix of employment terms to change without any increase in overall compensation, will at best leave workers no better off than before.  more

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  1. Inquiring minds want to know:
    Exactly whut kind of so-called “bargaining power” do you have in mind when you have a dick-tater telling you what to do?

  2. At one point in time I had 50 employees. Had to seriously shrink down due to Obamanomics. It’s just me and the wife now and we can keep 3 cnc going building guns. I’m at the point I could bring on a couple people. Am I going to do it? Oh hell no. That’s your economy in a nut shell Barry. Fuck you.

  3. Like all of liberalism, a blatant lie is required to “sell” it to the masses. Even with the lie, force is then required to implement it.

    All for your own good, of course.

  4. That may be the simplest letter the professor has had to write. Will they get it? Hell no. We are being pushed around by morons.

    We have 1.5 years to go, and Obama will go for the throat. No worries though; we have Boehner and McConnell fighting for us.

    My ass is hurting from the continued raping.

  5. Also, I know about 7 business owners that are casually working on new product/R&D. And they ain’t doing shit with it until this retarded muther fucker gets out of office. And if Hillary gets in, they will cash out the next day. That’s no bull shit.

  6. Wait a minute. WTF is going on here? In the service there is no “overtime” you’re paid a pittance 24 hours a day. Police, Fire, etc
    have ordered overtime in the event of an emergency. In construction, manufacturing, etc if a job needs to be completed the employer will ask employees to work O/T for the push. Usually at least time and a half comp. in wages.

    My question is this: What the Fuck does obama have to do with all that?

    Furthermore there are no jobs to begin with, let alone overfuckingtime. The man is an ass.

  7. Moe,

    You and MJA have it right..92 million are out of work..

    This is a distraction. “ASS” is a compliment.

  8. Yes Don this scumbag is just making shit up!

    And the MSM will run with it and convince the LoFos that he is the bees fucking knees. Boy Am I pissed.

  9. By far his biggest atrocity against our country. Dreams and lives ruined. For what? His half black ass to find some sort of racial justice. Fuck him.

  10. @bad brad – Racial justice? No. I don’t believe he cares about racial justice one bit. That’s just another cover. Sure, he’ll use it to divide the country with, but first and foremost he is a Communist who’s primary goal is and always has been to weaken the United States any way possible from the inside. From before he was elected we could see that his proposed policies were anti-business, anti-capitalism. Since he was elected he has been slowly, but steadily letting the air out of the financial tires of this country to weaken us. It is what I call the new Communism of unnecessary, over-reaching, over-bearing, high-handed, job-killing, autocratic regulation, deceit, deception and disinformation. Look at who he surrounds himself with. Look at the things his fellow travelers have said about being unemployed:
    Now you´re able to tuck your kids in at night.
    Unemployment sets you free to pursue your dreams.
    Less work is good news!
    You now have the choice of being unemployed.
    We have set you free from work.
    You can pursue your hobbies.
    If you want to be creative you can leave your work, pursue your passions, you don´t have to be job-locked anymore.
    You’re not unemployed, you are Funemployed!
    All this happy horseshit is in support of the effort to drag the United States down to their level of suck.
    Remember “Embrace the suck”?
    All this is to simply break the back of Capitalism. Cloward-Piven on steroids!

  11. Well, back when I used to “work” I ONLY wanted to “work” OT. I tried to get them to bring me in for 20 OT hours on Saturday, off 8, then 20 OT hours on Sunday, and be off the rest of the week.

    They didn’t go for it.

  12. The MSM will be all in for this, then when the bean counters require the underlings take time off to comp the OT, the Talking Heads will explode, because their ‘assistants’ can’t come back to work until next week.
    40 is 40!

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