‘Those who don’t condemn terror cannot claim innocence’

palestinian terrorist attacks


  • Four Israelis were wounded on Monday night in a suspected Palestinian drive-by shooting attack near Shvut Rachel in Samaria.
  • Earlier on Monday, an Israeli border policewoman was seriously wounded when she was stabbed by a Palestinian woman at Rachel’s Crossing, the main transit point between Jerusalem and Bethlehem

“The attempts to harm us do not cease for a moment,” Netanyahu said. “The Shin Bet and IDF have thwarted dozens of terrorist attacks this year. We will act strongly and with determination and bring the terrorists to justice.

“The fact that the Palestinian Authority has yet to condemn these attacks should disturb not only us, but also the entire international community. Those who do not stand up unequivocally against terror cannot wash their hands of it.”


2 Comments on ‘Those who don’t condemn terror cannot claim innocence’

  1. Zactly!
    Now let’s talk about all those so-called “moderate muzlims”
    Here’s the Mindless Murdering Muzlim quiz:
    When wuz the last time anyone saw them protesting islamic terrorism, butchery and genocide? Hmmmmmmm????
    Answer: You don’t!
    But wait… we have a runner up: Awan Afuqya.
    Awan sez he really can’t explain why only 2 Mindless Muslims showed up at that big Million Muslim March in Washington that was linked to Islamic Radicals on the 13th anniversary of the attack on America that claimed 2,996 lives, so Awan wins a set of transcripts of every speech Obama ever made, a subscription to John Kerry’s Gaffe of the Day, and an opportunity to win a seat on a trip to the Gates of Hell with Jackass Joe!
    So much for their moderate innocence…

  2. You have moderate Muslims, like mild mannered Dr. Bruce Banner, and fundamental Muslims, like the Incredible Hulk.
    There is positively no connection between the two and anyone that disagrees is an Islamophobe…

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