[AUDIO] Ted Cruz explains why Karl Rove is a LYING DIRTBAG

Cruz explains it all on the Mark Levin Show.

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h/t C Steven Tucker

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  1. Rove completely lost his shit on election night 2012. I think it suddenly dawned on him that his style of cutthroatery no longer worked on the Dems in Presidential campaigns, and he has chosen to collect a paycheck as a handler of problem conservatives for the Bipartisan Progressive coalition.

  2. No explanation necessary!

    In other exciting news, Biden soon to announce, and Michael Sam breaks up with fiance.

    (Jerk-off jesture)

  3. I’ve heard that Karl was one of the political gurus that advised Robert Bork not to speak up and defend himself against the scurrilous charges that Ted Kennedy had leveled against him.

    See how well that worked out for him!

  4. I was completely unaware an explanation was needed.
    It’s like watching a video on how dirt is dirty,
    the wetness of water as wet,
    and such.

  5. The scummy and talentless Rove got lucky once with George Bush’s first election (he almost lost Bush the second election – and it’s pretty hard for a sitting president to lose a second-term election.)

    His lack of talent and willingness to sell himself like the cheapest of whores explains his popularity with the rotten heads of the GOP.

    He couldn’t tie Ted Cruz’s shoe. In fact, the porkchop probably couldn’t tie his own shoe – or reach it.

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