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Obama To Lease Office in One of the “Greenest” Buildings in DC, Says Report

To do WHAT?

IJR: If President Obama wanted to throw shade at President-elect Donald Trump’s beliefs on climate change, one subtle way would be to go to work each day, in his post-White House Washington world, at one of the “greenest” buildings in town.

According to a new report in The Washington Post, Obama has leased office space in the World Wildlife Fund headquarters, a quadruple LEED-certified building made from environmentally friendly materials and engineering accommodations like skylights, solar panels, and composting systems in the cafeteria. In 2011, the building was awarded The Outstanding Building of the Year award in the Earth category.  more

26 Comments on Obama To Lease Office in One of the “Greenest” Buildings in DC, Says Report

  1. Obama is just a big walking lollipop…Trump will have full access to any and all of Obama’s secret history. Trump should and will play it smart and just shut the Lollipop up….

  2. Sky lights good for the top floor, or over vertical open areas to allow light to reach lower levels, heat rises. Composting toilets, I mean cafeteria, no deep fryer here likely kale and seaweed

  3. Best quote from the story, ” being prepped for their January 21st arrival”.
    Translation – they will be evicted from the White House January 20th.

  4. This is very good news because if Barky spends enough time there, he might get sick and die. Ultra-green buildings have a much higher likelihood of falling into sick building syndrome. Poor ventilation and areas susceptible to mold growth are two big problems, plus formaldehyde and other nasty chemicals from building materials don’t get aired out well enough.

  5. The only green Obama will spend his days around have a little hole with a flag sticking out of it. The lazy-ass couldn’t be bothered to show up in the Oval Office. Why would he need to rent an office now?

  6. Obama …. going to work?????

    … I mean, in the last 8 years when has that happened? … Hell, the last 50 years?

  7. @over thinking – skylights good for the top floor. Can’t recall ever seeing skylights on the 5th floor of a 12 floor building. Don’t know if it was intentional but you made me laugh. TY 😄

  8. Green isn’t the problem, DC is. This ass hat doesn’t plan on shutting his damn mouth. He should take a lesson from the third worst president and fade away back to the bath houses.

  9. The master baiter at Jack’s Office. He’ll devote all of his time to dicks now, instead of just 20 hours a day.

  10. He wants to remain in the spotlight and is planning sabotage. It would be a shame if he were to be imprisoned for treason . . .

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