Obama’s AG pick gains another Republican backer – IOTW Report

Obama’s AG pick gains another Republican backer

loretta lynch

…”I am confident from my conversation with Loretta Lynch that she will be a valuable partner in confronting the gang violence that is robbing families of their children every day in Chicago,” Kirk, a senator from Illinois, said in a statement. more

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  1. Peachy keen, how is she going to do that? (The sound of the one handed one finger salute)

  2. >> confronting the gang violence

    Maybe if the congressional districts that make up the chicagoland area weren’t so heavily steeped in race, violence, and vote grabbing by nature, the gangs wouldn’t be so well supported by corrupt politicians who redraw the districts for their self advantage, at the cost of “families being robbed of their children.” Fucking pricks.

  3. I’m pretty confident she lied to you, you dumbass. 😡 You can absolutely count on repugnicants caving to King Obama.

  4. They must have shown him the blackmail stuff they have on him.

  5. “Confronting” means “aiding & abetting” in douchespeak.

  6. Funny that, since that Repub senator has an F score on Conservative Review.

    While I’m at it, are we sure this is a woman? With a change in hairdo, I see Denzel Washington.

  7. Kirk is not a republican, he’s a progressive who sides with the democrats 93.4% of the time.

  8. Considering the 0bama regime’s predisposition to Critical Race Theory — aka bigotry– I assume “confronting gang violence” is Newspeak for altering current law so certain people don’t get punished (like Trayvon Martin not being investigated for having stolen property in his HS locker), onerous gun regulations for non-criminals, more contrived Alinskyesque race riots and continued governmental corruption as with IRS targeting ideological opponents.

    Similar to how “women’s health care” is code for abortion

  9. Another Obama/Holder horse head delivered.

    No wonder there is so little reaction from Obama to beheadings. Been there, done that, eh Menendez!

  10. another political operative who should be in jail being enabled to continue her lawlessness against the citizens of the usa by our “elected” representatives?

    I am so glad that the voting booth worked like it should and has every time we use it, when we elected republicans to control the house and senate to stop the democrat lawlessness.

    how many times have we voted in opposition politicians who said one thing and when in office did the opposite?

    every time?

    our continuing to believe that voting in the opposition will stop any of this is the definition of insanity.

    you and I know this will not stop until we stop complaining behind the keyboard and physically move to stop it ourselves.

  11. “There ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between the Republican and Demonrat Parties.”

    (Geo. Wallace)

    Loretta Lynch is Eric Holder in drag. Another sick, racist, divisive, socialist, contemptible POS who hates America and shreds the Constitution.

    Any senator who supports her is the same.

  12. No surprise there; that fake-ass Republican Kirk is even more Democrat Lite than Snow or Collins (ME) ever thought about being.

  13. Seriously – how is she going to protect children from gangs? So what she’s really telling us is that nobody ever tried to protect children from gang violence ever before? And how does this mesh with the DOJ’s moratorium on prosecuting black teens?

  14. How come they always lump actual Republicans and Republican pretenders (RINO’s) as one and the same. They are not. It should come as no surprise that a Republican pretender (RINO) endorsed a DemoRAT as they are one and the same politically!

  15. “Kirk is not a republican, he’s a progressive who sides with the democrats 93.4% of the time.”

    He is a republican. What he is not is a conservative.

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