Obama’s America: Look why this black CHURCH is being fined

ABW: We already know the left has a problem with all those bitter folks who cling to their guns and religion – code words for white Christians. We reported yesterday about the high school football coach who could very well lose his job for praying on the 50-yard-line before each game.

oakland church noise complaint

But it appears the assault on Christianity in this nation isn’t a “whites only” policy. A church in Oakland, California has been threatened with a nuisance fee of $3,500 and daily fines of $500 – for what?


11 Comments on Obama’s America: Look why this black CHURCH is being fined

  1. well its not like the freedom to practice your religion was enshrined in the constitution’s bill of rights as something like abortion and gay marriage is.

    it all depends on “whose” civil rights are being trampled on doesn’t it.

  2. We need to start calling people names… like the Moose-Limbs do.

    Start calling people who stand against Christianity, “Jesuphobes” or “Christophobes”. Turn the language thing around on them.

    Also, anybody ever notice that ATHEISTS only go after Christians? They never complain about any other religion’s symbols, public references or association with government. Hmmmmm… why is that? Maybe because Christians have that “turn the other cheek” going on?

  3. I’m curious to know how many members of the church voted for the mean little facist. Hard to feel sorry for anyone who voted for him.

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