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Obama’s Winter Holiday In Amerika: “Merry Safe-Place”

michelle fugly green dress

Michelle Obama’s Mirror: I don’t know about you, butt I’ve heard enough about the Muslim killers. It may not be enough for Barry, butt when you leave home with your wife, body armor, high capacity arms and a GoPro, I’m 100% certain you aren’t making a holiday YouTube for the family.

So what do you say we discuss the complete transformation of America instead.

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  1. Friends, I bought well over 5000 rounds of ammo today after lining-up overnight in bitter weather at a sale…in…Canada…me and many, many other like minded individuals continued to fill our safes and buy guns as we know what is coming.

  2. If they ever raided my 92 year old mother’s home they would find what is known as an ammo dump. They would also find a couple safes with an “arsenal.”

    I have kids and it is nice to have my shop a mile away from home.

    The ammo there is for sporting purposes, and is replenished as it is shot up. I do my reloading between game and target shooting seasons. But having north of 25K rounds of ammunition could come in handy for other reasons, if’n ya’ all know what I mean.

  3. As a Christian man it would not be uplifting for me to comment on her physical features. However, I believe her clothing is completely open to discuss within the realms of biblical discernment. All I have to say is…wow…did you steal the curtains? Was there a sale perhaps at King of Floors? Is this a reality TV show where you had 30 minutes to create a dress out of random materials including dental floss and duct tape?
    Seriously, this is awful.

  4. The Mooch dressed like a Bell Pepper has no comment on her husbands effort to negate the 2nd amendment with the help of fast and furious Holder. Nor does she wish to comment on his current AG who wants to delete the 1st amendment.

  5. Little did Mooch realize when she recycled the old drapes that Miss Scarlet O’Hara beat her to it decades ago.
    The dress wouldn’t look so bad if the wearer’s hips weren’t 60 inches.

  6. I could imagine trying to block a roundhouse kick from that big behemoth, and it’s not a pretty picture. Maybe she was picked just for her street fighting abilities?

  7. Mooch’s dress looks like a parachute. Those arms are toned just in time to elbow anyone who gets too close to her plate during Christmas dinner. Barry will be devouring as many “Crack” pies as he can stuff in his pie hole.

  8. All she needs to add to that dumb-assed excuse for a dress is some lights and a lit star on top of her man-head. Her feet look like some kid’s getting a life size toy train for Crimus.

  9. I must be color blind! That drapery looks gold to me!
    It just irks me that those residents think CHRISTMAS is all about snowmen and nutcrackers. ..wait a sec.. Nutcrackers. I can see that now!

  10. I wish I were clever enough to post a clip of Julie Andrews outfitting the entire von Trapp brood in recycled curtains in “The Sound of Music.”

  11. I swear, my mom had a wing backed chair upholstered in that.
    Would tip it forward to make a fort, the Wookie wouldn’t fit.

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