Observing the Magellanic Bridge between galaxies, and something massive coming out of Uranus

Physics-Astronomy: For the first time ever, astronomers have found evidence of a magnetic field that’s linked with the vast intergalactic ‘bridge’ that joins our two nearest galactic neighbors. Called the Magellanic Bridge, this bridge is an enormous stream of neutral gas that spreads some 75,000 light-years between our two neighboring galaxies, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds (LMC and SMC).


Even though astronomers had foretold it was there, this is the first evidence of its magnetic field, and it can help us understand how these vast bridges come to be.

Lead researcher of this recent study, Jane Kaczmarek from the University of Sydney, said: “There were hints that this magnetic field might exist, but no one had observed it until now,”

Our adjoining galactic neighbors, the LMC and SMC (photographed below) are some 160,000 and 200,000 light-years from Earth respectively, and are observable in the southern night sky.

ESO/J. Colosimo




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  1. I thought this would be a dr. Tarr post.
    Usually the scientific posts are his and I know to skip it.

  2. My wife accused me of that very same headline a couple of nights ago when I fluffed the sheets.

    All kidding aside, as the days draw near, the mysteries will be revealed.

  3. What grand times. To have so many wonderful discoveries is awe inspiring.
    I am glad to be around to see this stuff

  4. “Starry Night” (van Gogh painting) and “Vincent and the Doctor” (Matt Smith Dr Who episode).

  5. Told Ya.
    The third rock in this Geometric Magnetic Configuration.
    You are attracted to it.

  6. Used to love laying in the back yard staring at
    the night sky in rural Nebraska.

    There is nothing more beautiful.

    As for Uranus, the military taught me if you have hemmoroid
    irritation, to chew up/wetten tobacco and pack yer ass with it.
    I’ve never tried it, bwhahahahaha!

  7. A magnetic bridge 75,000 light-years across … pretty fukkin amazing.
    Must be some fierce electrical storms … probably the EMP would disrupt a Prius.

    Eleventy! We must panic, NOW!
    QUICK! Send me all your money! (c/o iOTWReport)
    This could be the next potential catastrophe!
    We must mobilize the imbeciles! March on Washington!
    Celebrate Diversity! Suck cocks! Gotta do SOMETHING!

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. If only the Heaven’s Gate cult had known that a bridge existed they could have saved themselves from the deadly Hale-Bopp comet ride.

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