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Obstruction springs eternal in the hearts of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade

Patriot Retort:

Since they were unable to hang their tinfoil hats on “collusion,” the conspiracy theorists masquerading as “journalists” have now shifted gears to “obstruction.”

They just won’t let this go.

Of course the greatest irony is Rachel Maddow – the Commander-in-Chief of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade – inviting on disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.  The two consoled each other by pretending that Mueller’s report made the case that President Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice.

The general feeling among our media betters is that Trump must be guilty of obstruction because he was so furious over this witch hunt.

Chief among the talking points: An innocent man wouldn’t get so mad.


Do these morons really think that a man wrongfully accused wouldn’t fight back against the accusations?


Ask yourself how you would react if your entire life and the lives of those around you were turned upside down over charges you know are false.  If you were the subject of a two-year “investigation” into something that you know you’re innocent of, would you stand silently by?

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  1. Trump asserted no Executive Privilege with the special counsel. Even with his WH attorney.

    He should now assert that privilege with every single request.

    Where are you eating lunch later? Executive Privilege.

    Are you having Cadbury eggs for Easter? Executive privilege.

  2. Not particularly fond of Dana Perino in the past couple of weeks either. She stabs in the back when least expected, so expect it. Very small stabs and not particularly venomous but still telling. The little mrs innocent act tells too.

  3. JDHasty APRIL 19, 2019 AT 2:39 PM
    Do they lack any sense of dignity?

    I don’t think so. They sold their senses and dignity. Now they’re like crack whores on their knees doing the job that needs to be done.

  4. What obstruction has occurred when no crime has been committed to be investigated and no evidence of anything found?

    That would be like someone who doesn’t drive being accused of obstructing justice for not showing his non-driving license.

  5. They firmly believe Trump is an evil Nazi. He’s guilty of every crime in the book. The sons-a-bitches would kill him if they could get away with it.

    Some of them might even try it and be willing to pay the ultimate penalty.

  6. When a Conservative is accused of a “leftest” crime they are expected to roll over and fall on their sword. Kavanugh was accused of being too aggressive in his defense against the blatantly false claims made against him. BTW whatever happened to the criminal referrals made by the chair of the Judiciary Committee following that left-led circus?

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