Ohio woman wins $1 million in Vaccine Lottery – IOTW Report

Ohio woman wins $1 million in Vaccine Lottery


Abbigail Bugenske won a million dollars after getting Vaccinated, and Joseph Costello earned a college scholarship, according to the Vax-A-Million program’s website. Bugenske currently works as an engineer in Silverton, and was overwhelmed by the financial shot in the arm, and tight-lipped after Wednesday’s drawing.

Bugenske got vaccinated before the sweepstakes was announced and wants to encourage others to do the same, her mother told the local station. Joseph Costello, 14, posed with Mike DeWine after winning free tuition at any state university.

“Congrats, Joseph! You just won a full-ride college scholarship! If you’re between 12 and 17 years-old and had at least one dose of the vaccine, you could be next!,” the Republican tweeted. more here

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  1. Just how much of that million bucks will she get after taxes are taken out. And will it be worth taking the jab if everything goes South. Call me a skeptic and a cynic but I don’t trust all the govt. mandated vaccine mandates. I haven’t got sick yet from Covid and now that most of the bs is over and things are returning to normal my trust is in God and the wonderful immune system that he created me with to protect me from bogus hoaxes like all the Covid malarkey over the past year or so.

  2. This is ALL funded by us taxpayers, from the vaccine to this bullshit lottery. Why wasn’t I automatically entered into this bullshit drawing just based on the fact that I pay taxes?….

  3. Well I read the comment about the third testicle and remembered many many years ago when I was in the second grade someone told me a boy had three balls and he would let you feel them for a dime! And…No I didn’t!

  4. “I can’t believe my luck! This couldn’t have come at a better time for me, I was so sick with worry that the medical bills for my emergency blood clot treatment would crush me!”


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