Oklahoma Man arrested in stolen car with radioactive uranium, whiskey, and a rattlesnake


GUTHRIE, Okla. —

Guthrie police had quite the surprise when they pulled over a car with an expired tag – the car turned out to be stolen, and police said they found a canister of radioactive uranium, a rattlesnake, and an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey.

According to Guthrie police, an officer was patrolling the area of the 300 block of Viking Drive on June 25, when he noticed a car with an expired tag. The officer pulled over the car and spoke with the driver, later identified as 41-year-old Stephen Jennings.

Police said Jennings’ driver’s license was suspended, and the car he was driving had been reported stolen. He reportedly told officers that he had a firearm in the center console, and there was a timber rattlesnake in an aquarium in the back seat.
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51 Comments on Oklahoma Man arrested in stolen car with radioactive uranium, whiskey, and a rattlesnake

  1. Suspended license – Check
    Stolen car – Check
    Rattlesnake – Check
    Radioactive uranium – Check
    Whiskey – Check
    Gun – Check


  2. Well yeah, what do YOU bring to barbecues… just needed some fireworks and arugula salad….

  3. From Bobcat: “I’m fairly certain that’s Aaron Burr…”

    Nosir, our Aaron would have had enriched plutonium. I got faith in the boy!

  4. afaik – all isotopes of uranium are radioactive.
    There are no stable isotopes of uranium, just as there are no stable leftist. Also like isotopes of uranium, some lefts are more unstable than others. Problem is the less unstable ones have a longer half-life, so they hang around longer. Omar and AOC appear to be the shorter half-life variety. Pelosi and Nadler examples of the long half-life variety.

  5. “radioactive uranium, whiskey, and a rattlesnake”
    There’s a Carnac the Magnificent joke in there somewhere.

  6. He’s wearing a green smiley face medallion around his neck on a chain, that’s all you need to know. He must be a happy camper but probably stoned out of his gourd and probably a meth head as well as his woman companion. He could make up a whole episode of Breaking Bad or The X Files all by himself.

  7. @ Lowell…I stand corrected !!!!!

    I wonder if the Cop did that TV show move where You dip Your finger

    into it and taste it…

  8. Lowell July 11, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    You’re close. Our Aaron wouldn’t be seen with a common rattlesnake.

    He would have had a cobra.


  9. I’m confident that this fellow is actually a Florida Man and just happened to be on a road trip through Oklahoma and Kentucky when he was pulled over.

  10. I often carry 43 rabid dogs in a trailer, a pot of radium in my lap, and an open container of mercury.

    Why did this guy get arrested?

    Ok, NSA, I really only have one rabid rat. Don’t send the task force. I tried to shoot the rat twice, but it’s hard to aim a pistol I don’t own from a bouncing tractor.

  11. Let me make this clear. I don’t own any rabid rats. I have never even seen a rat. Any kind of rat. I do not own any sort of firearm, nor do I own a tractor. I have never even seen a firearm, nor have I ever seen a tractor. I have no idea what radium is, nor uranium, nor plutonium. You people are crazy.

  12. Holy Maroly! Thank gawd he didn’t have plastic straws styrofoam too. That combo could’ve been a disaster.


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