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Old Navy Honors Mothers on Father’s Day

Politistick: Perhaps in today’s target rich environment in which men are ridiculed so much, Old Navy thought this would be a good idea. They were wrong. This shirt obviously didn’t go over the way Old Navy thought it would. The link to the shirt can no longer be accessed. Instead, viewers are met with a message of “technical difficulties.”  MORE

14 Comments on Old Navy Honors Mothers on Father’s Day

  1. Fat – her! Insult the her that might have bought a shirt for dad. Insult the dad. Great marketing. Head slapper.

  2. I needed a good laugh before going to bed and that thumbs down on my last comment provided it. Had to be the Bible Lady from SNL.

  3. The only thing that can ever reverse this deliberate corruption is a complete societal collapse or an all out war on our own soil. Then females would beg for males to again become what almost all males naturally are – the thing that sane females realize and accept that they are not. Only then would these sick women get back in their natural position behind the men willing to die for them.

  4. What kind of castrating bitch came up with this T-shirt? I bet whoever she is, she goes to see a dentist instead of a gynecologist ‘cuz she’s got teeth in there.

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